Batman: Curse of the White Knight Creator, DC to Release 8-Bit Episodes

Azrael by Sean Murphy

According to creator Sean Gordon Murphy, DC will release a series of 8-bit episodes online to promote the release of Batman: Curse of the White Knight. A new episode will drop before the release of each issue.

For this project, Murphy will team up with Chris Fequiere, an animator and longtime fan of the series. Fequiere previously animated what an 8-bit game intro would look like for the book, and it appears that impressed Murphy -- the writer and artist on the franchise -- and DC enough to land him a gig on marketing this sequel to Batman: White Knight.

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Fans have had quite an affinity for this alternate reality story, with some going so far as to create a trailer for a motion comic, proving how much Murphy's Elseworlds tale resonates with them. While White Knight focused on Batman as the villain and a cured Joker turning Gotham against him, this new title will see both men plunged into the crosshairs of Azrael, who comes equipped with his signature flaming sword.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight releases July 24 through DC's Black Label, which features mature-themed comics like Batman: Damned.

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