Batman: Curse of the White Knight Kills [SPOILER] - And Nothing Will Be the Same

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Batman: Curse of the White Knight #3 by Sean Murphy, Matt Hollingsworth and AndWorld Design, in stores now.

In Batman: Curse of the White Knight #2, Azrael let his presence be known when he revealed himself to Bruce Wayne. He demonstrated not only that he was already quite a few steps ahead, but that he was also a formidable and dangerous opponent when he destroyed Wayne Manor, the Batcave and the Dark Knight's entire arsenal in one fell swoop.

Although he was created by the Joker, Azrael declared war on Batman and has already proven himself to be the clear and present danger of Sean Murphy's Curse of the White Knight. And now, the villain has taken things even further in issue #3 of the series. Destroying Bruce's home was only the beginning -- now, Azrael is going after his allies, and he doesn't plan on leaving any of them breathing.

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The war between Batman and Azrael only intensifies in Curse of the White Knight #3. And it takes an especially dark turn with the shocking death of one of the Caped Crusader's most trusted allies: Jim Gordon.

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Batman: Curse of the White Knight may take place in its own separate universe, but it still features a take on the Batman mythos we are familiar with. Gotham City is perhaps a bit more realistic, but it still has a savior in the Dark Knight, who protects its people from the likes of Joker, the Mad Hatter and Mr. Freeze. Sure, we might be outside the main DC continuity, but the popular comic series still carries a lot of weight -- and that's why we really feel the loss of Jim Gordon, a beloved mainstay in the Batman cast.

In Murphy's White Knight universe, the relationship between Batman and Gordon has been pushed to its limits. But the duo manage to pull through and remain the trusted fighting unit fans know and love. In Curse of the White Knight, the duo, along with the newly-formed GTO, are trying to figure out what Joker and Azrael have planned.

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However, Azrael once again proves that he's one step ahead. Posing as Batman from the shadows, an unaware Gordon approaches what he thinks is his vigilante ally. Then, Azrael reveals himself and shows he isn't interested in taking prisoners. He lights up his sword in flames and stabs the Commissioner right through the chest. As if that weren't enough, just when we're hoping Gordon can still pull through, Azrael drops him down the side of a building, his flaming body crashing down in a pool of blood on the pavement below.

This is a brutal execution of Batman's ally, and it's sure to send devastating ripples throughout the rest of the book. After all, Barbara Gordon is an important part of the cast and a devoted member of the GTO. The loss of her father is sure to have an emotional impact on her -- one that will leave her filled with anger. What's more, the loss will surely weigh heavily on Bruce as well. He only recently lost Alfred in Batman: White Knight. Now another of his most trusted and cherished friends has been taken from him.

In only three issues, Azrael has already turned Bruce Wayne's life upside down. His home and base of operations are destroyed, and now one of his closest friends is gone. What will the villain take next?

Batman: Curse of the White Knight is in stores now.

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