Batman: Curse of the White Knight Reveals a Key Hero is Pregnant

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Batman: Curse of the White Knight #2 by Sean Murphy, Matt Hollingsworth and AndWorld Design, on sale now.

When the dust settled at the end of Batman: White Knight, the original Harley Quinn, aka Harleen Quinzel, turned out to be the true hero of the story. She used Jack Napier as a cured Joker to show Batman he was just as destructive to Gotham as the Clown Prince of Crime, reminding the city it created monsters as well.

Come Batman: Curse of the White Knight, Harleen might not be with Jack any longer, as he's reverted to his Joker persona, but while she's living the clean life, away from the drama of crime and murder, there's one big change she's about to embark on soon that could have dire repercussions for Gotham and the Bat-family: she's pregnant with Joker's baby.

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To be more specific, it's actually Jack's kid because it appears that this pregnancy is due to their tryst when he was cured and out of jail, plotting to bring the Caped Crusader to his knees. In the prequel to this story, Jack wanted to expose the Bat and the city for their hypocrisy, and he immediately began remedying the situation with Harleen, making up for years of abuse towards her.

They even got engaged, something both of them wanted for some time, because with the Joker out the picture, the timing was perfect. By the time the story wrapped, though, the mysterious pills Harleen had Joker take to become Jack once more wore off, and while Batman oversaw Commissioner Jim Gordon trying to officiate the ceremony, let's just say that time ran out and the Joker persona came back. The couple didn't get the chance to get married, but clearly, while Joker's subsequently been in his cell plotting for Batman, Harleen's been staying off the grid to keep her baby healthy.

When Joker accosts Gordon at a political rally in this new chapter, however, the Bat goes to Harleen to find out if she knows anything about his master plan as he's back in custody and not talking. She tells the vigilante to leave her alone because Jack's dead to her, which means so too is her connection to Bruce Wayne and the Joker. At this juncture, Bruce notices the swollen belly when she gets up.

Harleen confirms she's carrying Jack's child and Batman now has to think twice on how to approach the situation. He doesn't want to involve her as Joker might exact revenge on them, not just to spite the Dark Knight, but Jack, as he hates the light that Jack represents.

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What's even scarier is the second Harley, Marian Drews, was imprisoned after she tried to bring Joker back out in the last volume, and this news of Harleen being pregnant could be the catalyst to once more sending her over the edge. She hated how Jack tried to erase Joker and more so, how he chose Harleen over her, so it's a safe bet she'll want to harm Harleen and the baby here to hurt Jack for scorning her and the Clown for picking Harleen over her.

In Marian's eyes, a pregnant Harleen represents everything she wishes she could have been to "Mistah J," leaving fans eager to see how Batman goes about protecting the duo now that the situation's a bit more complicated. There's also the possibility Joker will want to harm mother and child to get back at Jack too, so for now, as much as this baby is the light of Harleen's life, bringing her joy and whatnot, it has painted a big target on her back.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #3 goes on sale Sep. 25.

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