Possible Batman: Court of Owls Game Concept Art Is Posted, Swiftly Deleted

Potential concept art for a rumored BatmanThe Court of Owls video game surfaced online before being quickly deleted.

On Reddit, a user of the PS4 board noticed that digital artist Eddie Mendoza, who works freelance with WB Montreal, had removed a number of pictures he'd posted to his ArtStation page. The three pictures featured Batman fighting against a handful of Talons and were described by Mendoza on the site as "just for fun." However, the pictures have since been taken down, suggesting Mendoza might have actually made the pictures for the rumored Court of Owls video game, and took them down at the behest of WB Montreal.

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Rumors surrounding the game have circulated online for months, suggesting that WB Montreal is working on a new project centering on the Dark Knight and his bird-themed stable of rogues. Speculation increased when developers at the studio posted pictures of their group shirt, which heavily resembles the Court of Owls sigil from the comics. And now, this latest clue towards the existence of the game has only added more fuel to the flames.

A cabal of Gotham's elite, the Court of Owls was created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and first appeared in 2011's Batman #3. Their chief agents are the Talons, a band of nigh-immortal assassins.

Seeing them as the primary villains for a new Batman video game, either set in the Arkham universe or as an entirely new experience, would be a refreshing challenge for players. The game has not yet been officially confirmed, however.

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