Batman Cosplay Has an EMP Stun Gun, and a World Record

Cosplay has reached new heights with the latest inductee into the "Guinness Book of World Records," a real-life Batman suit that may rival the fictional Batman's. Julian Checkley was recently awarded the record-setting honor for the most functional gadgets on a single piece of cosplay. Checkley constructed a batsuit inspired by the "Batman: Arkham Origins" video game that contains 23 functioning gadgets.

"Obviously, a lot of the gadgets are not quite practical, as in there's quite a lot to them," said Checkley in a video produced by "Guinness Book of World Records." "Some are incredibly simple. But to try and get them all onto a cosplay costume, all 23 of them, all functional, was a real challenge."

The costume itself was created from a combination of 3D printed materials and molded urethane rubber. The batsuit has a video screen on its right gauntlet, a two-way radio embedded in the neck-piece, both a wrist-mounted fireball and gas launcher and a mask capable of filtering nuclear, bacterial and chemical matter. Oh, and there's a stun gun and a bat flask, in case you ever want to don your ushanka and go full-on "Red Sun" Batman.

This isn't Checkley's first outing at the cosplay rodeo. He's been making costumes for most of his life, and he's the founder of Order 66 Creatures and Effects, the company that helmed many of the physical creature effects for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." His obsession with costume-making began at a young age with a papier-mache Darth Vader costume and ballooned from there.

(via HiConsumption)

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