Batman Comic Book Urban Legends

* Joker was originally killed off in his SECOND appearance!

*Renee Montoya was invented for the cartoon show before she appeared in the comic books.

* Frank Miller's lack of interest in Batman continuity ended up with Barbara Gordon being adopted.

*Batman and Superman began to team-up because of inflation

*Frank Miller coined the term "The Dark Knight"

*A Batman story Jeff Parker drew was pulled by DC just before it went to press because Batman was having a great time with the ladies (not a joke).

* Mike W. Barr was initially inspired to write Batman: Year Two upon reading Frank Miller's seminal Batman storyline, Batman: Year One.

* Batman had a brother!

* Jim Steinman is attempting to make a Batman musical.

* Superman and Batman appeared on Sesame Street.

* Tom Fontana is working on a Batman graphic novel..

* Orson Welles was planning on doing a Batman film in the 1940s.

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