Batman Meets Central Perk's Gunther (For Real) in Official Friends Crossover

Batman’s 80th anniversary coincided with the 25th anniversary of Friends, and DC Comics celebrated with a surprise crossover of the two massive properties.

The short video, released via DC’s official Batman Twitter page, is a send up of the regular coffee shop hangout of the Friends crew. However, Central Perk is this time filled with DC Comics' characters and they're being served by a familiar barista.

"Have no fear, Gunther." the Tweet reads, "Batman might take an extra shot of brooding in his coffee, but he's a great tipper."

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In the video, James Michael Tyler reprises his role as Gunther, the Central Perk coffee barista from the long-running NBC sitcom. The coffee shop is now filled with DC Comics superheroes, though, instead of regular citizens. As Wonder Woman takes a coffee, he observes that it’s nice to serve “normal friends” for a change as he watches Green Lantern and The Flash drink coffee on the large red couch in the center of the coffee shop.

“You want coffee? I guess you take it black,” Gunther asks an approaching Batman to scores of canned laughter.

“Everyone’s a joker,” the caped crusader quips in response.

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The short was released as part of a series of Batman Day festivities, commemorating 80 years of The Dark Knight. An annual event since 2013, this weekend saw the character celebrated in spectacular fashion, including the Empire State Building glowing yellow and DC Comics announcing the new creative team taking over in January.

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