INTERVIEW: King & Jones On Batman & Catwoman's Wedding and Beyond

One of the most fun things for an artist who's designing new looks for characters is to see that design come to life in cosplay, and you gave fans a challenge in a very detailed wedding dress. Are you anticipating that moment when you see in person that someone has made it real?

Jones: She's going to be the most fabulous person on the floor. I look forward to it.

King: I saw someone who had your Catwoman desert design tattooed on their leg.

Jones: WHAT?!

King: Yeah! Both Batman and Catwoman.

What's the most challenging thing you've had to draw so far for this arc?

Jones: It was keeping the Robins straight, I think in the beginning. [Laughter] I was never a Robin person. But now I have a whole board with them up to tell the difference.

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Dave Johnson's Batman #50 variant.

King: This is amazing to hear, because she gave them all different faces and personalities that really fit the characters.

The aspect of the wedding issue that really stands out to me is the tension in the story of whether Bruce and Selina can make their relationships work. Can you talk to the idea of a happy ending for these characters? Is it possible for them to find love and have a satisfying dramatic story?

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King: The unique thing about Batman/Bruce Wayne is that happiness is not a happy ending for him. Bruce thrives on pain. That's what motivates him. That's what writers have always emphasized with him. If we give him more pain, he becomes a more motivated character. So when you give him happiness, you're giving him conflict. Most characters, when you give them happiness, you're boring them. But happiness is conflict to Bruce. It's something you haven't seen before, and I think it's possible to maintain that.

That said... I also think it's possible to go in the other direction. You can make him utterly happy and then take it all away from him. So whatever happens, it's going to be something crazy and something you've never seen before. The stakes are going to be super high. And whatever happens in #50, I think #51 is going to be even crazier.

Batman #50 is on sale on July 4 from DC Comics.

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