INTERVIEW: King & Jones On Batman & Catwoman's Wedding and Beyond

In comics, there is no ending. So what does that mean for the impending nuptials of Batman and Catwoman? In a universe not known for its joyous endings, is the wedding at the heart of July's Batman #50 really the start of something bad?

To catch up on the bride and groom before they head to the church, CBR News spoke with the issue's co-creators Tom King and Joelle Jones. King has been writing the Dark Knight's adventures since the dawn of DC's Rebirth era, and Jones has been involved in every major moment of the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle – designing the latter's wedding dress while also prepping to serve as writer/artist on an incoming Catwoman solo book.

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Below, DC's dynamic wedding duo prepare the big event by detailing how they approach romance comics, the most fashionable superhero event of the season and whether a happy ending can ever truly be in the offing for comics most brooding superhero.

CBR: Your guys' Batman collaboration has been, in a sense, one of the weirdest romance comics that's hit in a long time. Every few years, someone in mainstream comics comes along and says, "We're going to bring back the romance genre." Have you consciously thought about that or read older romance comics for a feel of how to tell a story like this?

Tom King: Yes. And I write Mister Miracle, which is another romance comic. I've got to get out of this genre. [Laughter] But you try to write in all these different voices. Batman is in several different genres where sometimes we're in space, sometimes we're in sci-fi, sometimes we're in the streets. But at the end of the day, you end up writing your own life into the book. And at this point in my life, I'm insanely happily married to the love of my life, and I feel that what you're seeing in the comic is me talking about that relationship and how important it is to me through panels and words and ink. And even though I try to get away from that, it soaks into the thing. You can't get away from you. So maybe it's less like a romance comic and more like a "my life" comic.

Joelle, you've done a lot of work in a lot of comics genres. What was the appeal to work on a big superhero run?

Joelle Jones: I've been a huge superhero fan since I was little. And I get bored very easily sticking in one genre, so I try to bounce around as much as possible. This was something I'd never done, and so I jumped on it. I want to get better as I go, and that entails trying new stuff.

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