Batman Writer Teases The Return of a Fan-Favorite Relationship

Throughout his seventy-nine year history, Batman has had many love interests, from Vicki Vale to Talia al Ghul. However, his most popular romance may be with Catwoman, who almost married the Dark Knight, only to be manipulated into calling it off -- but a new image on writer Tom King's Twitter hints that the two characters may patch things up.

In a new image from artist Mikel Janin, Batman and Catwoman share a dramatic kiss on a gargoyle statue, as rain descends from the sky and Gotham City looms the background. The only words King has to describe this scene are the cryptic "Coming up in Batman."

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In the fiftieth issue of the current Batman series, Catwoman was convinced by her friend Holly Robinson to call off her marriage to Batman on the grounds that a happy Bruce Wayne would hang up the cape and cowl. This was revealed to be part of a plan by Bane to emotionally damage Batman. This move was rather controversial among fans, as many were looking forward to the characters' wedding.

But if the image is any indication, Batman and Catwoman may end up reconciling and possibly restore the love they have shared in the past, even as they play into King's larger plan for Batman. It is currently unknown which issue this may occur in, but it will likely happen in early or mid-2019.

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