Batman/Catwoman Fan Reaction Proves the Time Is Right for a Married Dark Knight

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Batman #50, on sale July 4 from DC Comics.

There are a couple reasons why readers are unhappy with the build-up to DC Comics' Batman #50 aka the marriage of Batman and Catwoman. Sure, they're disappointed the New York Times spoiled the wedding issue which would have seen Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle tie the knot, a huge twist to Tom King and company's year-long storyline that kicked off with a proposal in Batman #24.

But there's also the outrage stemming from what's going to happen: Catwoman is opting not to marry the Dark Knight as she feels he won't be the same crimefighter once he's buckled down and happily hitched. Given the fan reaction to this twist, which surely would have come this Wednesday anyway when the book's out, one thing is perfectly clear -- fans want to see Bruce and Selina get hitched.

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Now's as good a time as any simply because of where the Batman is at this point in time. Settled and centered? Yes. Still hungry for justice? Definitely. This insatiable appetite to prowl rooftops won't ever go away, for either of them (although one would have hoped Catwoman wouldn't be a thief anymore, being Mrs. Bruce Wayne and whatnot). That said, the present would have been the perfect time for this union as there was so much potential from a storytelling standpoint, pushing Bruce further up the ladder as someone more than a a superhero as well as a father.

For decades, it was inconceivable for Batman to be a biological father, yet DC worked Damian Wayne into his life, not just as an offspring but as a partner and future bearer of the Bat-mantle. When Bruce died, his first adopted son, Dick Grayson, took over the cowl and trained Damian, only for the elder Wayne to return and reassume the position of Bat-familiy patriarch. And so, we got tons of exciting father-son stories, even culminating with the death and eventual rebirth of Damian, engineered by the mind of Grant Morrison.

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