Batman/Catwoman Will 'Define and Redefine' the Characters, King Promises

While Batman has had many love interests throughout his fictional existence, the most famous of these has been Catwoman. Next year, the Dark Knight and the Princess of Plunder will headline a 12-issue limited series appropriately titled Batman/Catwoman, which series writer Tom King said will "define and redefine" the characters.

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King discussed the series at the DC Nation Panel at New York Comic-Con, even comparing what he plans to do with Batman and Catwoman to artist/writer Frank Miller's own work on Batman in the past.

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"The story I'm doing with Clay Mann... it's going to define the characters and redefine them," King explained. "This is sort of my attempt to do that Frank Miller treatment of Batman... to look at Batman in a new way in one series."

King is no stranger to the romance of Batman and Catwoman, having famously written the story where Bruce Wayne proposes to Selina Kyle in Batman #24. Unfortunately for the Caped Crusader, Catwoman would later be manipulated into calling off the wedding by her friend, Holly Robinson, as part of a larger scheme of longtime Batman enemy, Bane.

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Batman/Catwoman #1, by Tom King and Clay Mann, arrives in January 2020 from DC.

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