Batman #46 Introduces Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman Costume Into DC Continuity

Catwoman in Batman Returns

Tom King and Tony Daniel's upcoming story in Batman won't just provide fans some fun time travel adventures with Booster Gold: it will also bring a familiar Catwoman costume into DC canon.

Daniel shared his cover for Batman #46, which shows some screwy things are happening with the timeline. For instance, Batman is wielding multiple guns and Catwoman is decked out in a costume reminiscent of Michel Pfeiffer's look in Batman Returns.

The costume isn't an exact match, but it's clear what Daniel was going for; the stitches across the catsuit are a dead giveaway. The 1992 film Batman Returns proved to be an iconic moment in the history of Catwoman. Pfeiffer's depiction of the character, though different from the original source, is remembered fondly for its Gothic style.

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If you thought a story involving Batman, Catwoman and Booster Gold couldn't get any crazier, King dropped a page from an upcoming issue on Twitter. It looks like someone might be trying to take Booster out of the game.

We don't know what will happen to cause Batman and Catwoman to change like this, but the three-issue story kicks off on April 18 with Batman #45.

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