Batman: The 10 Most Dangerous Things That Bruce Wayne Has Ever Created

When Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down in Crime Alley by Joe Chill in a senseless act of violence, it awakened an unending desire in their young son, Bruce. That desire would be for an unending war on crime to do his best to ensure that the tragedy that befell him would not happen to anyone ever again. He trained his body, he trained his mind. He became the Batman, a symbol of hope to all the good people of Gotham City and a symbol of dread and terror to its criminal element.

Over the years, Bruce Wayne has invented all kinds of tools, instruments, and weaponry to aid his war on crime. When your “superpower” is a never-ending bank account, you can pretty much create or buy anything you need. But, besides being, practical, pragmatic, and slightly paranoid, Bruce is a pretty sadistic guy 0151how else would he be able to scare criminals? He’s crafted a ton of terrifying inventions and plots over the years. Here are the 10 most dangerous things that Bruce Wayne has ever created.

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10 Hypnosis Machine

Over the past few years, a meme has surfaced of Batman slapping the ever-loving crap out of his ward and sidekick, Robin. Besides the child abuse that was allowed to be depicted during these years in comics, the rest of the story has more psychological torture. In the imaginary story, World’s Finest #153, Bruce becomes incensed that Superman killed his parents. Robin gets slapped while trying to defend Clark. Then he gets placed in Bruce’s hypnosis machine, has his memory wiped and is sent back to the orphanage where he came from. DO NOT ever contradict the Batman.

9 Brother I Satellite

After Sue Dibny was violently beaten at the hands of Dr. Light, some junior members of the JLA decided to teach him a lesson. Zatanna had wiped Batman’s mind of the incident, but when he remembered what had happened, Bruce Wayne used a bunch of subsidiaries to put a giant spy satellite in orbit. It collected massive amounts of data on anyone and everything. Unfortunately, Ra’s al Ghul was able to hack the system, kick-starting the events of Tower of Babel.

8 Vibra-Bullet

After Bruce launched the Brother I, the data he collected would be and to completely annihilate his Justice League. First up, take out the League’s resident speedster, The Flash. How do you stop the Fastest Man Alive? Batman somehow was able to manufacture a “Vibra-bullet,” causing him to have epileptic seizures at light speed with a bullet that he can’t phase through.

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7 Created A Virus For Cyborg

Batman must’ve seen a Terminator movie or two during his life. How else would you explain him being so paranoid of the possibility that Cyborg would turn rogue? While Cyborg’s software is constantly updating itself, which keeps him safe from all kinds of computer viruses, Bruce decided to infect the kid’s source code. In Injustice # 15, it was revealed that Batman had the forethought to drop a virus into Ray Fisher as he was recovering his original injuries and has just been waiting

6 Sonar Device

In The Dark Knight, Lucius introduces Bruce to a miniature version of sonar tech as he’s about to grab a suspect and bring him back stateside. He then takes that concept and runs full-tilt with it, turning every cell phone in Gotham City into a miniature camera/sonar system to help him find the Joker. While he did have Lucius destroy the system once they succeeded, there’s no doubt that Batman would have a grander spy system in the works somewhere.

5 JLA Defense Plans

Batman devised a contingency plan for any and all of his JLA teammates should they ever go rogue. Some required him to create new instruments of torture, such as a vibrant-bullet for Flash. Others involved some existing tech, like infecting Wonder Woman with a nanite to make her think she’s locked in mortal combat with her equal. Yet, it’s the sheer fact that he invented all of these plans that are truly shocking. He even had one for himself, should he ever live long enough to see himself become the villain: the League itself.

4 The Tumbler

It’s a giant tank that speeds through Gotham City, there are not many more terrifying things than having this monstrosity of a vehicle on your tail. The Tumbler might have been designed by Lucius Fox, but Bruce certainly made a few upgrades. Most notably, the Batpod that ejected right out of the tank as it got destroyed.

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3 Bat-Taser

Running around and fighting crime in a giant bat costume is bound to attract some enemies over the years. Someone people would certainly want to find out your secret identity. Since Batman accounts for everything, his entire suit is fitted with an anti-theft mechanism should anyone be dumb enough to try and peek under the cowl. Besides a little static shock, the suit’s electric current can be controlled through Bruce’s gloves. Perhaps with that kind of defense mechanism, Batman should use it more often when beating criminals to a pulp.

2 Flammable Nanites

The Martian Manhunter is not only one of the most powerful members of the League, but also one of the most respected. The Manhunter’s greatest weakness is fire. It was that very same respect that saw his plans not only be to expose J’onn to magnesium nanites, that would burst into flames if exposed to the atmosphere, he was also one of the first heroes taken out.

1 Red Kryptonite

A long time ago, Superman gave Batman a Kryptonite ring should he ever need to be put down. Over the years, Batman has weaponized Kryptonite over the years into all kinds of security measures against Superman—guns, gauntlets, arrows. But he also exposed the stone to all kinds of radiation, creating Red Kryptonite. The new element would and did cause Superman intense pain as well as overexpose his senses. Batman created this in the event he needed to hold Superman at bay and not kill him.

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