Batman Has the Brainiac Files - But What Are They?

From No Justice to Outsiders

Another potential explanation for the Brainiac Files is that they are Brainiac's playbook, so to speak, from the events of No Justice. In the May-releasing four-issue miniseries, Brainiac analyzes power sets and capabilities to bring the heroes and villains of the DCU together in new and exciting ways. It is only through these optimized teams that the Justice League can defeat the cosmic threats coming for them.

It is possible that Batman saw the value of this methodology and downloaded Brainiac's files on the superheroes of Earth to study. From these files, Batman may be planning to create the most optimized and efficient super team on the planet. This could lead to the formation of a new and improved version of the Outsiders, as the characters involved and the title of the storyline seem to imply.

Batman Outsiders

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It's unlikely Batman will be putting together the same old Outsiders team as before, if only because several of them are busy elsewhere. (Metamorpho is a member of the Terrifics, for example.) Instead, he may be bringing Black Lightning back into the fold in order to have him lead a new generation of Outsiders, one composed of the heroes who compliment each other in the most effective ways. In short, Batman could be using Brainiac's methodology for his own purposes, in order to create something for the greater good.

Can Batman Be Trusted?

Batman has his fair share of secrets, but the question always comes back around as to whether he can be trusted. He clearly has something in the works, but "On the Outside" could tackle whether Black Lightning and company will embrace Batman's plans or ultimately reject what the Brainiac Files have to offer. In his quest to remain two steps ahead of everyone, it is possible that the Dark Knight has finally gone too far.

The Outsiders have traditionally been a team that operates, well, outside of the conventional superhero community and sometimes of the law. Could we be getting a new Outsiders team that operates outside of Batman's parameters? Scott Snyder is launching a whole new line of Justice League comics, which promise to bring a more optimistic element to the DC Universe, but that doesn't mean Batman will be able to immediately give up his own ways right away.

The Brainiac Files seem destined to add another layer of secrets between Batman and his allies, and to what end will have to be seen in the Detective Comics storyline. We do have to get to the less-than-ideal future we're currently seeing in Doomsday Clock, after all...

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