Batman Has the Brainiac Files - But What Are They?

The Justice League will undergo some dramatic changes following the events of Dark Nights: Metal and Justice League: No Justice, but that doesn't mean Batman is turning over a new leaf. Following the tams intergalactic quest to save the planet, the Dark Knight will be in possession of the Brainiac Files -- but what, exactly, are they?

According to Den of Geek, Batman has a secret side project that he's working on during Bryan Hill and Eddy Barrows' upcoming run on Detective Comics. The five-issue storyline "On the Outside" will see Batman team up with Black Lightning, and bring the likes of Katana, The Signal, and Cassandra Cain into the picture.

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Longtime readers know that this is not something new for Batman, who has worked on many secret projects in the past. Of course, some have caused more harm than good, like the creation of the Brother Eye satellite. What the Brainiac Files mean for Batman and his allies could become a mystery at the heart of the story - especially if it brings Brainiac himself to Gotham.

The Truth is Out There

Could the Brainiac Files be part of Batman's quest for knowledge? The Source Wall was breached at the end of Metal, leaving the universe exposed to dangerous new threats. During the events of No Justice, Brainiac welcome to the heroes of Earth and help them overcome what is coming for them. The Coluan knows about the cosmic entities Mystery, Wonder, Entropy and Wisdom, but what else does he know?

Brainiac is a collector of worlds, and in a way, has become a sentient encyclopedia of universal knowledge. If the Coluan people knew about these entities, what other secret threats are out there? It's possible that Brainiac's collection of worlds also holds the knowledge that will help Batman and the Justice League better prepare for what is out there. Who knows what knowledge Brainiac has squirreled away inside his Skull Ship.

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The Brainiac Files could literally be a direct download of all the data the villain has stored up for the years, covering different worlds, the knowledge they have, and the secrets they keep. Batman, who believes that knowledge is power, could be using this information to fill in the blanks about what he does and doesn't know about the universe. Through this knowledge he can better prepare for what is out there.

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