Every Hero (and Villain) in Batman's All-New 'Flashpoint' Universe, Explained

In case you haven't heard, Batman is getting married. One superhero who has definitely gotten the message is Booster Gold, and he decided to give the Dark Knight a wedding gift in Batman #45. It wasn't money. and he didn't get it off a registry. Instead, Booster went back in time, where he saved Thomas and Martha Wayne to show Bruce Wayne what life would be like, and how much worse off everyone would be, if he never became Batman.

It's probably the worst gift anyone has ever given anyone, and now it's created a whole new universe in the style of Flashpoint.

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Back in 2011, Barry Allen went back in time in order to save his mother's life. The consequences of messing around with time caused cracks in reality that warped the world into the Flashpoint universe. Thomas Wayne was Batman, Citizen Cold was the hero of Central City, and a war was brewing between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. It was a dark universe ravaged by time and turned into something almost unrecognizable. And that's basically what Booster Gold has done to Batman and Gotham City.

We are all familiar with the world of Flashpoint, but now it's time to get acquainted with a new universe, a world we will call... Batpoint.

Who is Batman?

By saving Bruce Wayne's parents, Booster Gold prevented the single act that would have turned a young boy into a masked vigilante. Now, instead of taking to the night to protect Gotham City, he's a wealthy socialite dancing with his mother at his birthday gala while the city burns around them. This version of Bruce turns out to be nothing like the man who became Batman in the DC Universe.

That doesn't mean there isn't a Batman running around town, though. Even though Bruce Wayne is nothing but a rich boy in his ivory tower, the universe still needs a Batman. Booster and Skeets run into a version of the Caped Crusader that is packing some serious weaponry. Unlike the traditional Batman, who is against the use of firearms, this guy is carrying multiple assault rifles and has actual grenades strapped to his body.

It is revealed that this world's Batman is Dick Grayson, and he apparently has no qualms about killing. There is no explanation given as to how Grayson could have become Batman without the influence of Bruce Wayne, but that's likely to be explored in a future issue. After all, we still have to see what happened to Catwoman.

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