Batman: Booster Gold's Batpoint Blunder Leads to Bloody, Deadly Tragedy


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Batman #46 by Tom King and Tony S. Daniel, on sale now.

As shown last issue, Booster Gold's misguided attempt to give Bruce Wayne a very nice but unusual wedding gift resulted in the creation of a darker Flashpoint-type alternate reality. Booster had gone back in time to save the lives of Bruce's parents before their murder, but inadvertently created a divergent "Batpoint" continuity. In this altered history, Bruce never became Batman, which has in turn drastically altered the destinies of both his villains and allies alike – and not for the better.

In Tom King and Tony S. Daniel's Batman #46, part two of "The Gift," Booster continues to try to fix the reality he's broken, believing that finding Selina Kyle is the key to making things right. But as the bumbling Booster keeps proving in this arc, all he really does is continue to make things worse. And in this issue, his ill-conceived plan ultimately makes things especially bad for Bruce, and certainly not the kind of gift for him that he had intended.

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With Friends Like Booster Gold …

Booster's childlike logic last issue surmised that Bruce Wayne could help him go back in time and fix everything. Instead, Bruce not only kicked him out of Wayne Manor, but destroyed Booster's mechanical companion Skeets – and the time machine contained within. Like Marty McFly stranded in Biff Tannen's timeline, Booster is forced to find an alternative to fixing this broken world – without the benefit of time travel.

This issue opens one year after Booster's failed attempt to garner Bruce's help, where Booster – now sporting a full beard, but none of the maturity it superficially implies – breaks Selina Kyle out of Arkham Asylum. Yes, Selina has been committed to Arkham – seemingly excessive punishment for being a burglar, yes? Well, here in Batpoint, Selina is no mere burglar – she's a serial killer, and her breakout initiates a series of events that only brings more chaos to Gotham. Enough chaos to induce Thomas Wayne to have a heart attack. Way to go, Booster.

… Who Needs Enemies?

Why did Booster spring Selina from her prison in the first place? As Thomas eventually recovers, Booster rambles off his master plan to an oddly silent Selina – that is, the Plan B that took him a year to concoct. That plan? To simply introduce Selina to Bruce, and hope that love – which the two don't share in this reality – will do its thing and somehow set the world aright.

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Selina's ambiguous and lackadaisical response – "Meeeow" – leads the seemingly unhinged Booster to realize that his crazy plan won't work, at least without the right attire. As a result, Booster also concocts a new costume for Selina – a familiar looking one that transforms her into a recognizable Catwoman, but one that's constructed about as carelessly as his plan to supposedly save the world.

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