The 10 Best Batman Board Games, Ranked

The Dark Knight has gone through a lot of changes over the years. With Batman becoming so popular, there have been countless pieces of merchandise made featuring the character and his likeness. While the movies are mostly what people are concerned with, there have been plenty of board games made about the character, his world, and his villains.

If you're a Batman fan and want to get into some of these new board games, we're ranking the 10 best Batman board games. Enter the world of Gotham City through an entirely different lens as you explore some of these excellent games.

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Monopoly is a timeless board game that serves as a blank canvas that can be painted over with just about any franchise under the sun. Of course, it was only a matter of time before Batman got the Monopoly treatment. Monopoly Batman is the same Monopoly board game you either love or hate, but it's complete with settings and iconography exclusive to the Dark Knight's world.

Players travel around the board, collecting some of the greatest buildings Gotham City has to offer. They can play as Batman, Robin, or even the Joker's toy teeth as they move around the board.


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The classic game of Love Letter gets a gothic twist with Love Letter Batman. The game plays more or less the same as the regular game, but you'll be messing around with the heroes and villains of Gotham City. The goal of the game is to be the last person standing at the end of each round to collect a total of seven wins, which are represented by Batman tokens.

The game is essentially about reading what each card does and using them strategically to eliminate other players while trying to have the least amount of points in your own hand in case the round plays all the way through.


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What better way to illustrate the conflict between Batman and the Joker than with a strategic game of Chess? With the Batman Chess set, you get a slew of unique models and pieces to represent the chess pieces on the board. The sides are split up into Batman vs the Joker, with the Dark Knight having his equipment and friends to help him out while Joker has Harley Quinn and all sorts of deadly gags.

The board is constantly divided between the dark symbols of Batman and the eerie purples of the Joker. It all creates an attractive chess set that collectors will love.



Dice games are fun and easy to play, and they can create scenarios just by using a few dice and some unique cards. The Batman the Animated Series Dice Game puts you in the role of not the Dark Knight but of one of the villains from the show. Players will control Catwoman, Poison Ivy, the Joker, or the Riddler.

Using their unique abilities in tandem with the dice rolls, they must complete their bank robberies before the Caped Crusader catches them. It's an extremely fast game that is sure to make casual board game fans excited just to play a few rounds.


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The DC Deck-Building Game has all sorts of sets and expansions that can lead players to get invested for hours on end. However, if you're just a newcomer looking to get an introduction, the Batman Vs the Joker set is a great place to start. This is an expansion in the "Rivals" series, meaning that it's designed for players to go head-to-head rather than work together.

Each player takes the role of either Batman or Joker and builds their decks to try and get the upper hand at all costs. This set can also be combined with other DC Deck-Building Game expansions and sets.



Fluxx is a simple game. You draw one card and you play one card. Whatever happens is dictated by what's on the card. However, things can change in an instant with Fluxx, as it's a game designed to change the rules at any turn. You could be working toward one goal only to have that goal completely changed to a different one that you weren't prepared for.

Batman Fluxx is the same as regular Fluxx, but it includes cards in the likeness of Batman: The Animated Series. You'll be collecting Batmobiles and watching out for dangerous villains as Creeper cards.


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Batman: Arkham City is often cited as the best game in Rocksteady's Arkham Trilogy, but did you know there was a board game based on it as well? The Batman Arkham City Escape board game pits two players against each other. One person is Batman, whose job is to prevent any villains from escaping Arkham City.

The other player controls randomly selected villains from the game as they try to get out of Arkham City. There are tons of cards to collect that change up the strategy, so the game is all about proper placement and tactics from either side.


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Four villains have broken out of prison and are at loose in Gotham City. It's up to Batman and his friends to figure out what they're up to and put a stop to it. In Batman Road Trip, players will make their way around a Gotham-inspired board and collect evidence about the villains' plans.

The first person to get one of each of the four types of evidence will win the game. The game is all about board awareness and making long-term plans to accomplish your goal before anyone else does. The board also features some great artwork inspired by DC Comics.


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Batman Almost Got 'Im is a board game based on an episode from Batman: The Animated Series with the same title. The scenario is that each player takes the role of one of Gotham's greatest villains as they play a poker game. However, Batman has infiltrated their ranks and is disguised as one of them.

The players must decide who they think Batman is and eradicate him before he sends them all to prison. This heroic version of a classic game includes some actual poker elements where villains can use their own abilities to change the game. Only the smartest will win.


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If you want a game that properly puts you in the shoes of Batman in Batman: The Animated Series, then Gotham City Under Siege is your best bet. This game was made for fans of the show, as it has players taking the role of Batman or one of his allies. They have to make their way across Gotham to stop villains and overcome obstacles ripped straight out of the show.

It features a board where rooftops are the primary means of travel. Better yet, the game was designed partly by the man who helped work on Arkham Horror, which is appropriate in many ways.

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