Batman, Blade, The Mask, more: January 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


The guessing "game" is over -- in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, CrossGen veteran and uber-producer Michael Uslan referred to the Chris Nolan film by its now-official title: "Batman: Intimidation."


Interested in some new photos from the vampiric sequel, including starlet Jessica Biel in full undead-busting tight leather? Of course you are, and Superherohype is there to sate your desires.


Your mileage may vary with this new photo, courtesy of Superherohype, showing Alan Cumming in the Carrey-free sequel.


J.K. Simmons talked to Sci Fi Wire about having more cigar chomping screen time as J. Jonah Jameson in the sequel. "A little more than the first one, I think," Simmons said, "At least we shot a little more. ... More fun wacky stuff in the office, and I actually even get to step out of the office a couple of times in this one. ... And there's at least one very fun twist involving my character."


Superman-V.com says, "Seems like Selma Blair might not be a lock for the part of Lois after all. Her agent and publicist have both denied the claims of her being in talks to star in Superman, only saying she has expressed an interest in playing Lois Lane."


While on that Kryptonian gravy train, let's check in with Kryptonsite's Rumorville section, which dissects a new posting on the show's official website that provides clues (as that site often does) to upcoming events. Spoiler warnings apply. Meanwhile, Kryptonsite's arch-nemesis Devoted to Smallville caught Kristin Kreuk on MTV's "Total Request Live" and grabbed the video clip they played for "Delete," an allegedly longer version of what you've been seeing on TV.


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