Batman, Blade, Smallville, Hellboy: February 10th Comic Reel Wrap


The word is coming in fast and furious on the new animated series featuring Gotham's favorite billionaire psychopath. Mediasharx has some images from the new show, and regular contributor Ricardo D. Martins notes that Brazilian site Heroi is on the bandwagon as well. Still, Superherohype has fairly detailed coverage of it.


The guys at Superherohype stumbled across a logo on the site of creative company Imaginary Forces, who've done Marvel logo work in the past for both of the earlier "Blade" movies and "Spider-Man."


The newly redesigned Kryptonsite has spoilers direct from producer Al Gough (who clears up the mystery of Adam Knight ... somewhat), and he also added a spoiler for the untitled 19th episode. Meanwhile, Devoted to Smallville has a gallery of screen captures, and in their own Al Gough interview, we find out that Perry White should be making a return to the show.


IESB.net also stopped in at last weekend's Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci Fi Convention, held in Pasadena, and got some quotes from the makers of "Hellboy." "Have heart and balls then people will come to see your film," director Guillermo del Toro said, and actor Ron Perlman described his experience as, "Not bad, a total pleasure." Abe Sapien actor Doug Jones was reportedly still not happy that David Hyde Pierce's voice would be heard instead of his own, and the audience was delighted to discover the movie's baby Hellboy would have "hair, a penis and testicles."


A poster over at TrekBBS snuck a look at the latest trailer for the web-spinning sequel, and posted a blow-by-blow commentary on it. "Aunt May starts it out, with a voiceover about responsibility. Then we see Peter gettin yelled at by several different people, including Jameson, about being late. We also hear Jameson tell Peter he's fired. Curt Connors also shows up, talking to Pete about missing classes. MJ tells Peter she can't keep thinking about him, and is getting married. Then Peter says he does't have to always give up what he wants, and throws away his Spider-man costume. We then see him walking around, wearin glasses again, and telling MJ he decided he no longer has to be devoted to anything but his own happiness. MJ tells him she likes him being himself. Then we see Harry, chiding Peter about being Spider-Man's friend. He also talks about Octavius having a new invention that will put Oscorp on the map. We see Octavius have his accident, then hear Jameson saying 'A brilliant scientist turns himself into some kind of monster with mechanical arms!' and see Ock climbing down the hospital wall. Harry tells Ock to find Spider-Man for him, Ock asks how he'll find Spider-Man since he's apparently left town, and Harry says to go after Peter to get to Spider-Man. Next we see Ock in that cafe, grabbin Peter by the neck and telling him to bring Spidey out of hiding or he'll peel the flesh from MJ's body. CG shots of Ock throwing car doors, hubcaps, etcetera down a street. A little boy asks Peter if he knows where Spider-Man is, since Peter knows Spidey. We see Spidey swing around Ock, sticking to a wall. Then we see Ock, holding Spidey as he says 'You're beginning to annoy me,' and Spidey says 'Yeah, I get that a lot.' We then see him being laid down in front of Harry, and as Harry rips off Spider-Man's mask, the Spider-Man 2 logo pops up."


Mugglenet has a note about the adaptation of the European sensation. "I've been getting a lot of reports that Rupert Grint is the front-runner for the lead role in Steven Spielberg's 'Tintin' movie series. I'm unsure of the origin of these reports, so consider this a rumor, but nothing more."


Comics Continuum has a spoiler-ish description, complete with photos, of this week's syndicated episode "Art of Attraction."


Yahoo! Movies notes that James Cameron has announced he's signed on to direct a new science fiction feature, and industry buzz pegs it as this Japanese manga adaptation, using some of Cameron's past work to establish a pattern that would make this a logical move.


IMDB.com has updated its listing on the still-in-development movie, and an ex-Goonie/ex-hobbit is now listed as director.


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