Batman Beyond Star Doubles Down on New Episodes Tease

Batman Beyond celebrated its 20th Anniversary at New York Comic-Con and its lead actor let fans know how they can help make Batman Beyond having a chance to return to television.

Will Friedle, who starred as Terry McGinnis/Batman on the classic animated series for three seasons from 1999-2001, echoed comments that Bruce Timm, the creator of the show, made at Comic Con International: San Diego earlier in the year.

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The San Diego appearance by Timm was related to the Limited Edition Remastered Box Set that is out this month. When a young fan at San Diego who was cosplaying as Terry McGinnis asked whether the TV show could possibly return, Timm responded, "I'll yell ya: if this things sells like crazy on Blu-ray and creates a giant buzz, that will make it more possible that it would happen. We would totally do it."

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The same topic came up at New York Comic-Con, when three of the stars of Batman Beyond (Friedle, Kevin Conroy, who played Bruce Wayne, and Lauren Tom, who played Dana Tan), the show's co-creator, Alan Burnett, the show's casting director, Andrea Romano and a frequent director/artist/designer for the series, current Warner Bros. Animation producer James Tucker, were in town to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series.

Friedle was asked whether he would be working on any future Batman-related projects and he replied, "Not that we know of yet, but as we have said for awhile now - and Bruce Timm reiterated this at San Diego-, if the box set sells well, there's a chance that maybe we'll do some more episodes or at least another movie. Which would be great, because we feel like we're not done yet. It's still an untapped part of the Batman universe, so we'd all love to jump back into it "

The original series had one film, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, that came out during the series' original run, so it is possible that any future Batman Beyond stories might be in the film format. However, the existence of DC Universe makes the possibility of a relaunched series much more possible, as the streaming service has already revived another previously completed series, Young Justice, with the launch of Young Justice: Outsiders.

So if you'e interested in seeing a return of Batman Beyond, you might just want to spring for the new box set.

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