10 Batman Beyond Villains We Hope To One Day See In DC Comics

Batman Beyond has managed to become a beloved and respected part of the legacy of Batman. While a futuristic take on the Dark Knight might sound gimmicky, the animated series proved to be an interesting and worthwhile continuation of the story.

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The series took place in a futuristic Gotham in which Bruce Wayne is now an old man and Batman is no longer a presence in the city. However, the caped crusader is brought back in the form of a young teen named Terry McGinnis with Bruce mentoring him. Part of the fun of the show was seeing the exciting rogues' gallery this new iteration of Batman took on. Here are some of those Batman Beyond villains we hope to see in DC Comics.

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10 Stalker

Stalker is a mysterious man who is obsessed with hunting Batman. He used to be a big game hunter until his spine was severely damaged and required experimental surgery to replace it. His surgery gave him super-human reflexes and dexterity which he used to track down Batman.

The character probably sounds awfully close to the classic Spider-Man villain, Kraven the Hunter. There are some blatant similarities, but Stalker is a compelling character in his own right. It is especially interesting as he sees Batman as a spiritual entity that is passed through generations.

9 Jokerz

The Jokerz in Batman Beyond

It seems pretty impossible to make a Batman series without including his archnemesis, the Joker, in some form. Batman Beyond found a very interesting way to keep the character's legacy alive even when Joker didn't actually appear.

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Though seemingly gone, the Clown Prince of Crime left a big impact on Gotham. There are now gangs of hoodlums and deviants known as the Jokerz who style themselves after the madman and attempt to carry on his legacy of destruction. It's a brilliant and creative way to incorporate such an important character.

8 Willie Watt

Part of the fun of Batman Beyond is showing Batman as a high school kid. Though still quite dark at times, it has some of the fun of Spider-Man to it as well. It also means it can shake things up with high school-aged villains, like Willie Watt.

Willie is a schoolmate of Terry who is constantly bullied. As a way to get back at his tormentors, he gains control of a robotic construction "golem" to do his bidding. The character evolves in some less interesting ways, but the bullied schoolboy is an interesting take on a villain.

7 Curaré

Batman Beyond uses its unique setting to introduce a variety of new kinds of villains. One of the most interesting is Curaré, the deadliest member of a mysterious group known as the Society of Assassins. Never revealing her face, Curaré is a mysterious and formidable enemy.

She is an expert martial artist who is armed with a scimitar that can cut through anything. She is a great physical opponent for Batman and one who can match him in terms of remaining mysterious.

6 Royal Flush Gang

The themed-villains throughout Batman's history walk a fine line between fun and corny. A group of thieves who style themselves off playing cards sounds like something from the Adam West version of Batman. However, they are much more interesting than they sound.

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The five members include King, Queen, Jack, Ten and their robotic henchman Ace. In a fun twist, they are actually a family of thieves and their positions are passed down through the generations. They manage to be an intimidating group.

5 Shriek


Shriek is a villain whose powers make him one of the most formidable and interesting foes that Batman takes on. He is the classic professional who uses his own unique inventions for crime when an ordinary life doesn't work out for him.

Walter Shriev is an audio engineer who develops a suit that can use sound vibrations to devastating effect. His suit can also focus in on particular noise and isolate them, making it easier to track his targets. It is a creative ability that can be a lot of fun.

4 Mr. Freeze


Mr. Freeze is one of the few classic Batman villains who makes his way into Batman Beyond. While he has been a major feature in DC Comics for many years, this would be an interesting take on the character to explore further in other stories.

Freeze's condition has made him somewhat immortal so he remains only as a disembodied head still in prison years after most of Batman's enemies have died off. He seeks redemption but struggles with going back down his darker path. It is another tragic take on a complex character.

3 Inque

inque batman beyond

Inque is a wonderfully creative and visually interesting character. A shapeshifter, Inque has the ability to turn her entire body into liquid. She uses the unique power to become an expert thief, gain entrance to very hard to reach places.

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Apart from allowing her to carry on her career of stealing, Inque proves to be a very difficult enemy for Batman to fight. Her liquid form makes it incredibly hard to hurt her, while she can be very deadly. In one memorable moment, she even forces herself down Batman's throat, nearly drowning him.

2 Spellbinder

Spellbinder is actually not a villain who originated on Batman Beyond but instead comes from the classic comics. Though he was largely forgettable in those iterations, the series reimagined the character in this futuristic world, making him far more menacing and compelling.

The reimagining has him as a lowly high school psychologist who uses his mind-control abilities to steal from his wealthy students. His bizarre costume and hypnotic floating 'eyeball' make him rather creepy, while his ability to project images into other people's head is an ability with so much fun potential.

1 Blight

If the new iteration of Batman has an archenemy, it would most certainly be Blight. Derek Powers is introduced in the very first episode as the corrupt businessman who took over Wayne Enterprises. He is also responsible for the death of Terry's father.

Powers was developing a weaponized nerve gas, but when he is accidentally exposed to it, he undergoes severe radiation treatment which transforms him into a radioactive skeleton known as Blight. A genuinely scary design and a character who has personal ties to both Bruce and Terry, Blight is the most memorable villain in Batman Beyond with the potential to become a great DC villain at large

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