"Batman Beyond" Revealed

This ain't your father's Batman.

Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, the creative minds behind the animated Batman series gave the public their first large taste of the upcoming "Batman Beyond" series at Comic-Con International in San Diego, California, this weekend.

In addition to general DC animated news - no Captain Marvel episode planned,

no JLA cartoon in the works, no returns for the Flash or Steel to the Superman

cartoon - Dini and Timm went over the particulars of the new Batman series set

in the future, when Bruce Wayne is 80 years old and has handed the Mantle of

the Bat onto a new character.

High schooler Terry McGinnis (not McGavin, as previously announced) will be

using a new Batmobile that mixes hovercar and flight capabilities, wears a new

Batsuit originally designed to compensate for the octogenarian Bruce Wayne's

infirmities and that while Robin, Nightwing, Superman and Ra's Al Ghul are all

still alive, don't expect to see them this season, as the creators haven't yet

figured out how best to use them.

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