Batman Beyond's Bruce Wayne is Rebuilding The Batfamily Again to Battle [SPOILER]

In the wake of DC's 2014 event, Futures End, one of the New 52 books that had its landscape drastically changed was Batman Beyond. This timeline underwent quite a few ripple effects thanks to Batman (aka, Terry McGinnis) journeying back in time to stop Brother Eye from taking over the world and wiping out humanity.

Sadly, it led to the older Bruce Wayne dying and Terry's destiny changing course in a big way. He'd also 'die,' pass his mantle onto Tim Drake, only to return and reclaim it. However, in Dan Jurgens' current arc, not only has he brought Bruce back along with Terry, this time the senior Batman has a very different perspective on the Batfamily.

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Batman Beyond's Bruce always been cold, even coming off hateful at times due to the pain he's endured losing proteges over the years. But now, he's rebuilding and even embracing the concept of a vigilante syndicate, and for good reason: His biggest demon from the past is back with a vengeance (no, not Ra's al Ghul).

Thought dead, Bruce was taken prisoner and disguised as a comatose Joker by Terminal, only for Terry to free and revive his mentor, who's as physically frail as ever. His rebirth though has resulted in a fresh outlook on crimefighting, one based on trust. He's as optimistic and welcoming as ever (perhaps more than ever), opening his Bat-cave to Terry's inner circle -- his best friend Max; his on-and-off girlfriend Dana; and his little brother, Matt. That's because Bruce is more empathetic of what family means to different people, and however loved ones can help Terry, he endorses it.

Things comes full-circle with Bruce training Matt as the new Robin, urging Terry to help the kid harness his potential. It's a shocking development, because this is the opposite of what Bruce did in the past in both the cartoons and the Beyond comics, where he's traditionally discouraged teens from becoming superheroes, as seen when he first crossed paths with Terry. The retired Dark Knight is no longer reluctant to work with others, and makes it clear the burden of Batman has to be shared, whether Terry likes it or not.

Bruce's rebuilding of the Batfamily is very proactive because he knows youngsters like Matt will end up going out on the streets anyway. This is why in Issue 18 he aided Matt on his first mission as Robin; to save Terry from Payback, and get things started.

This reiterates how much Bruce's new lease on life is filled with hope, even inviting new folks -- from lost souls to aspiring heroes -- to join his squad a la Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated. These figures include Damian Wayne, his estranged son, who's now the leader of the League of Assassins in the Himalayas. They've made amends, and Bruce has told Damian (who even had a stint as Batman prior to Terry) he can return to the fold anytime.

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With other vigilantes, like a 15 year-old Batgirl named Nissa, roaming around Gotham, Bruce also has to find a way to work with Commissioner Barbara Gordon to make sure mistakes of the past aren't repeated. Even redeemed villains like Shriek, Curare and Stalker have had an olive branch offered to them, and slowly but surely, Terry's realizing that being a hero, and being Batman, isn't just about fancy suits and weapons -- it's about the philosophy that true justice can't be achieved alone.

It's apparent Bruce has gone through a lot of grief losing close allies like Jason Todd and Duke Thomas, but he hasn't given up. Even something as simple as the A.I in the cave taking the personality of Alfred (a la Jarvis to Tony Stark's Iron Man) goes a long way in helping him cope. And this leads to the big motivation behind Bruce's project. At the end of Batman Beyond #5, he caught wind of a familiar face: the real Joker has returned.

Joker's comeback is quite mysterious, with few details available, but while Bruce may be playing it cool, he knows he needs an army ready for when the Clown Prince of Crime inevitably renews his war on Gotham.

Most importantly, Bruce needs to keep his allies close to the chest, because that way, he can better watch over them, hopefully preventing the wave of death Joker usually brings to the table.

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