That Batman: Beyond Movie Rumor Has Been Debunked

Terry McGinnis Batman Beyond

Late last month, a new rumor suggested Warner Bros. was looking to create an animated Batman Beyond movie that would receive a wide theatrical release. However, new information seems to have debunked that rumor.

The news comes from Heroic Hollywood Editor-in-Chief Umberto Gonzalez. "No, there is NO BATMAN BEYOND movie in development," Gonzalez wrote on Twitter. "Their official word is 'Not true. We are not working on an animated Batman Beyond movie.' In fact, to be extra sure, it was checked & shot down at Warner Animation Group on feature side, DC FILMS, & WB Animation on TV side."

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The original rumor indicated the movie was supposedly slated to go into production next year for a release in 2020. This rumor seemed to match up with a reported image of the Warner Bros. Animation movie slate, which indicated there was an unannounced project from Warner Animation Group set to begin in 2020. That image has since been removed.

Gonzalez's tweet makes it clear that the movie is not in development at any of the possible organizations with Warner Bros. that might have been developing the movie, seemingly putting an end to the rumor once and for all.

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Batman Beyond takes place decades in the future, with a retired Bruce Wayne passing the mantle of Batman to wayward high schooler Terry McGinnis as a rising crime wave holds a cyberpunk-inspired version of Gotham City in its grip.

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