DC's Solicits Reveal First Look at Batman Beyond's Joker

DC's November solicitations have revealed the first official look at the original Joker as he returns to wreak havoc on Neo-Gotham and the Bat-family.

The full look can be seen on the cover of November's Batman Beyond #26, which depicts the Joker, in his iconic purple costume and gloves, as he's gearing up to turn Terry McGinnis' world upside down. He looks as menacing as ever, seemingly a mix of Jack Nicholson's Joker and the version fans saw in 2000's Return of the Joker animated film set in the Beyond universe.

The publisher revealed last month that Joker, who fought endless wars with Terry's mentor, Bruce Wayne, would debut in October after he was initially teased in 2017 in the "Escape the Grave" arc. In that storyline, Terry found Bruce, alive once again, after he was thought dead following the events of "Futures End."

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Ironically, he rescued Bruce from being held captive by a villain called Terminal, who was masquerading as the Clown Prince of Crime. At the end of the arc, one of Terminal's mysterious henchmen was revealed to be this Joker, who proceeded to beat his employer to death with a crowbar, furious someone would dare to impersonate him.

While Bruce warned Terry that this Joker was the real deal, catching a glimpse of his face, it was never confirmed, leaving Terry wondering if he could be another fraud, especially because Bruce was drugged and kept comatose. It remains to be seen if this is indeed the original Joker, as DC is currently claiming, and, if so, how did he survive the truck explosion everyone thought killed him in Issue 2.

Check out the full solicitation and cover art below:


written by DAN JURGENS



variant cover by DAVE JOHNSON

The Joker’s back—and he wants to turn Batman and Robin into a punchline once and for all! The original Clown Prince of Crime returns to stalk Neo-Gotham in part two of “The Final Joke”! Can you guess what happens when he encounters Barbara Gordon for the first time in decades? And when Robin gets caught on a video feed for the first time, no one’s more delighted than The Joker

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$3.99 US | 32 PAGES


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Batman Beyond #26, written by Dan Jurgens with art by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund, will be available Nov. 28.

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