The 10 Best Batman Beyond Episodes Of All Time, Ranked

Despite Terry McGuiness being 17, the Batman of the Future first took up the Bat-Mantle 20 years ago. Last month, it was revealed that Batman Beyond would be re-released on Blu-Ray this October. However, if you're subscribed to DC Universe, you'll be able to watch the first season of the Emmy-Award Winning Show later this month. So, in honor of the shows 20th anniversary, we're taking a look at the best episodes to Batman Beyond. Note that none of the crossovers on Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock or The Zeta Project will be covered, nor the film, "Return of the Joker."

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10 Bloodsport

There's been a lot of similarities between Batman Beyond and Spider-Man. Both lost their father figures; they're both teens having to balance school life and their Super Hero careers. All the while, they have a villain that wants to hunt them down. Like with Spidey's Kraven, a man named Stalker has been given enhanced abilities, which makes him the Ultimate Hunter. However, he finds regular animals too easy and decides to go after Batman. While the episode is fairly straight forward, it's the action that makes this one so great. Seeing Terry have to outthink, the ultimate hunter is entertaining, and the final battle is just awesome.

9 Big Time

When we're first introduced to Terry, we learn that he has done some time in Juvie. This episode reveals how he got there, and it was via an "old friend" named Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow (Stephen Baldwin). After Charlie gets out, he convinces Terry to give him a job at Wayne Powers. However, it was all a set up so that Charlie could steal chemicals for an executive name Richard Armacost (Robert Patrick).

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Seeing Terry face the ghost from his past and try to help Charlie is incredibly effective and makes the ending all the more tragic. Charlie was never really Terry's friend, but he always felt bad for what happened and wanted to help Charlie go straight. Despite being younger than Charlie, Terry was the real big man in there relationship.

8 The Call

A year before the Justice League series hit the air, Batman Beyond had its version of the iconic team. Lead by Superman(Christopher McDonald ); the futuristic League asks Batman to join in. However, there's a traitor amongst them, and Batman is the only one to stop them. What makes this episode great is not only seeing an older Superman but also seeing the future League. They may be based on former members, but they each have their own unique designs and personalities. Seeing them all interact is a highlight and how the two-parter concludes is a real treat

7 Splicers

The Mid-to-late '90s TV Shows had this weird trend of turning kids favorite Super Heroes into scary monsters. First Spider-Man turned into a man-spider, then two of the Power Rangers were turned into alien creatures, now Batman has become one. "Splicers" has Terry attempting to stop a businessman that lets teens mix their DNA's with that of any Animal. It makes for some great creature designs but also makes for some creepy imagery. Terry himself get's spliced and turns into a Man-Bat for a bit. Seeing what he now looks like and Hearing him ask Bruce for help will haunt any kid that watches it. It all leads to a final Battle that looks like something straight out of Akira.

6 Earth Mover

Our friends can have some pretty dark secrets kept from them. In this episode, Terry's friend, Jackie, is being attacked by a creature made of dirt. However, it's revealed by her Step-Father (Dan Lauria) that the person doing all this is an old friend of his( Stephen Collins).

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It turns out the guy got some chemicals on him, and we all know how that goes, right? The episode features a well-written mystery, and the Earth Mover makes for a worthy foe for Batman to combat against, leading to some great action sequences.

5 Heroes

What would happen if the Fantastic Four went bad? That's the basic set-up for "Heroes." After an accident gives three scientists powers, they use their forces for good and become the Terrific Trio. However, unlike Marvel's first family, these heroes grow tire of being who they are and try to revert to normal, at any cost. The episode is a fun twist on what could have been the FF if they went rogue and the Trio do have enough to differentiate themselves from Marvel's first family. It also ends on one of the darker moments in Batman history.

4 Ascension

The first season of Batman Beyond centered on not only Terry getting used to being Batman but also helping Bruce Wayne retrieve control of his company, which has been taken over by Derrick Powers. Powers has since become a walking Nuclear Wastebomb called "Blight," after the events of the pilot. Now, Bruce and Terry have finally shown the world what he is and will take him down, for good.

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The episode features a lot of great action, and it's cathartic to finally see Terry get his vengeance for what Powers and is men did to his family.

3 Lost Soul

Compared to Bruce's old costume, Terry's advanced suit has a lot of features that make crimefighting much more straightforward than usual. When a Deceased tycoon named Robert Vance(Stacey Keach) becomes an A.I capable of jumping to computers, he uses the suit in an attempt to swap bodies with his grandson (Rider Strong). What makes this episode great isn't just Terry having to fight against the suit, but it's Terry having to use his skills to take it down. The suit has always given him an advantage, but now Terry's on his own. Terry now asks himself, is it the suit that makes him Batman or the opposite away around?

2 Meltdown

Bruce Timm and Paul Dini took one of Batman's lesser-known villains, Mr. Freeze, and made him Batman's most complex antagonists in "Heart of Ice." Now, after staring in a direct-to-video movie and an episode of the "The New Adventures of Batman," Victor Fries has nothing left to live for. But, after being given a new body, Fries gets a new lease on life, thanks to Dr. Lake(Linda Hamilton). However, things go wrong, and Freeze goes back to his old ways. It's a sad and tragic end to what many consider the best version of the now-iconic Super Villain.

1 Rebirth

It was the episode that started it all, and it's still the best the series has to offer. Terry McGuiness was just a troubled kid who spent time in juvie, knows a thing or two about street fighting and his parents are now divorced. However, all of that changes when he tries to outrun a gang calling themselves "The Jokerz" and he runs into an old, retired Bruce Wayne. After that, Terry suffers a Personal Tragedy and now wants vengeance. The episode is an excellent introduction to the new Batman: Filled with the dark subject matter and complex characters that Batman is known for. He may be more youthful and has a chip on his shoulder, but with the help of Bruce Wayne, Terry becomes the hero that Gotham City needs.

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