Arrowverse Concept Artist Takes On Batman Beyond

Andy Poon, a concept artist whose work has appeared on various Arrowverse shows, has released early concept art for a Batman Beyond suit on Instagram. Unfortunately, the concept does not herald the introduction of Terry McGinnis into the Arrowverse -- Poon was quick to point out that the suit is one of his personal side projects.

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The adaptation is an interesting one, as 3D representations of the character are rare enough and often limited to the video game medium and fan-made videos. Similarly, the character has never been presented in a live-action format.

Batman Beyond was first introduced in the Batman Beyond animated series, which was itself a spinoff of Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures. Batman Beyond ran from 1999-2001 and imagines a futuristic Gotham in which Bruce Wayne’s time as Batman has come to an end. High Schooler Terry McGinnis ends up taking up the role of Gotham’s protector after discovering Bruce’s secret.

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While Poon was clear that the concept is part of a personal project, the Arrowverse recently seeded hints that Batman is, in fact, active in the Arrowverse and a hero other characters are aware of. There’s always a chance Batman Beyond could fill that bat-shaped hole, but maybe do not hold your breath.

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