5 Marvel Heroes Batman Would Team Up With (& 5 He Would Hate)

Batman may have started by himself in his war against crime, but he's slowly gained allies in this fight. Better yet, he's also helped his fellow superheroes out whenever the world is at stake. He comes off as a lone wolf, but Bruce has forged the Bat-Family, as well as becoming a founding member of the Justice League.

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He's even befriended allies from alternate dimensions. That got us thinking of who in the Marvel Universe Batman would team up with. So, we came up with five Marvel Heroes Batman would team up with and five he would hate teaming up with.

10 Would Team Up With: Daredevil

Batman and Daredevil have a lot more in common than you may think. Not only did Frank Miller redefine the two heroes back in the '80s with Dark Knight Returns and The Man Without Fear, but the two characters are haunted by death. Daredevil lost his father to the criminal underworld, as did Bruce with his parents.

They already share a common goal and the skills to fight the scandals that threaten to destroy their homes. While Matt Murdock is blind, he's honed his other four senses and learned martial arts from Sticks, a fellow blind man. If it weren't for Batman's armor, Bruce would be defeated by Daredevil, thanks to improved senses that The Man Without Fear processes.

9 Wouldn't Team Up With: The Punisher

Despite one or two occasions, Batman's one rule is that he doesn't kill. That's something the Punisher doesn't follow. Frank Castle lost his wife and kids to a drive-by shooting and now sets his sights to kill everyone who dares stand in the way of his revenge. Batman may beat up thugs and even paralyze a few of them, but he's not going to take a life. That and Bruce isn't a fan of the weapons that killed his parents.

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The Punisher is decked out with an arsenal of weapons. Name any gun, and The Punisher has it. If he doesn't, he'll probably get it off some deal gone wrong.

8 Would Team Up With: Spider-Man

Much like Daredevil and the Dark Knight, Peter Parker is also haunted by the death of his loved ones. When he first put on the costume, he chose not to stop a mugger only for them to kill Uncle Ben. If that's not bad enough, he has lost Gwen Stacy and her father to the likes of his worst enemies, much like how Bruce nearly lost Jason Todd.

While Spider-Man loves to run his mouth when fighting criminals, he's also a man of science and technology who continues to defend the streets where he's needed the most. Sure, he's helped the Avengers save the world, but like Bruce Wayne, Peter prefers sticking to the ground where he can do a lot of good.

7 Wouldn't Team Up With: Iron Man

You think that Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne would be the perfect teammates. Both are geniuses, playboys, have lost both of their parents, hate it when someone in their company tries to make weapons, and they're both superheroes that use their wealth to fight crime.

However, while Bruce's playboy life is merely a persona to keep people from figuring out that he's Batman, Tony Stark is just as self-absorbed when he's Iron Man. He's continually talking a big game and want's everyone around him know what he's done. If anything, he'd drive Batman crazy.

6 Would Team Up With: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is mostly a detective, unlike the others. She started as a costumed crime-fighter, but she suffered a tragic event that caused her to turn down the life of a superhero. Despite this, she's decided to keep to the ground and solve the smaller problems that the Avengers won't take on.

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Not only does she have excellent detective skills, but she also has enhanced strength and the aid of her husband, Luke Cage (when he's not busy with Iron Fist or his daughter). She and Bruce would get along just fine, even if she doesn't have any fancy gadgets.

5 Wouldn't Team Up With: Wolverine

Wolverine is the best at what he does, and it isn't very nice. True, in the '90s, Marvel and DC combined these two heroes into a new hero called Dark Claw, but Bruce and Logan aren't that compatible when it comes to methods and personality.

Wolverine loves to get his claws dirty with blood and doesn't like keeping criminals alive. Sure, he might leave one alive so they can tell their pals not to mess with him, but it's rarely out of the goodness of his heart. Batman wouldn't like that one bit.

4 Would Team Up With: Hawkeye

If there's one thing you'd take away from this list, it's that Batman is someone who prefers to work on the streets rather than saving the universe from someone like Darkseid. So he'd love working with people who do the same, like Hawkeye. Clint may not be the strongest Avenger, but he still can fight against the likes of Ultron and Loki.

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Along with his Close Quarters Combat training, Clint has decked his arrows out with explosives and other devices. He's a lot like Green Arrow, aside from the luxurious lifestyle.

3 Wouldn't Team Up With: Moon Knight

Like with Iron Man, you'd think Moon Knight would be the perfect ally for Batman to team up with. Like Bruce Wayne, Marc Spector often uses his wealth to become a guardian of the streets. However, unlike Bats, Moon Knight isn't fully in control of his mind.

Not only does he pretend to be a billionaire art dealer and a taxi driver, but it's been hinted that Moon Knight may be possessed by two separate spiritual entities or suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Not the sanest man you'd want to work with.

2 Would Team Up With: Captain America

Captain America is a lot of things. He's a patriotic hero; he stands for Truth, Justice and the American way. He's a symbol of America and so on. Not only is Steve Rogers a super-strong hero, but he's also received advanced CQC training that makes him a nightmare for crooks who try to take him on.

Despite all of these traits, the thing that makes him perfect for Batman is that he's just a good guy. Underneath the super-soldier serum that gave him enhanced strength, he's still a guy that doesn't like to see others bullied.

1 Wouldn't Team Up With: The Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy can barely get along with one another, what do you think would happen if the super-serious Batman had to work with them?

Maybe Bruce and Gamora would be able to work on a mission together, but Star-Lord would drive anyone mad, Groot can only say his name, Rocket is a loose cannon and Drax can't even understand sarcasm.

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