Batman: 5 Reasons Why Being With Catwoman Ruined Him (& 5 Why It Made Him Better)

Since the start of DC’s Rebirth era, author Tom King has been building towards a potential wedding between Batman and Catwoman. Though it is unclear if the two will actually be married, it is evident that they will be together in some romantic fashion. However, while the relationship between the two is a welcome one, Batman and Catwoman have not always been on the best of terms.

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To say the least, both characters have needed to do a lot of growing over the years in order to get to where they are now. As a result, several factors have led some to believe that Catwoman’s relationship with Batman has actually been more of a hindrance to the character. Though this isn’t exactly the case, there are still several good points as to why the two shouldn't be together. To look at some of those points, here is our list of 5 reasons why being with Catwoman ruined Batman, and 5 why it has made him better.

10 She Makes Him Happy (Ruined)

Throughout Tom King’s run on Batman, he has constantly explored the idea of making Batman happy. For a character who is almost always dark and brooding, the idea of making him happy is an incredibly refreshing take on Batman as a character. However, King has also explored the consequences of making Batman happy.

Though it is shaping up to no longer be the case, the book makes a strong argument that Bruce Wayne can only be Batman so long as he is a darker, tragic character. The idea comes from the fact that Batman was born out of a tragedy, and can only exist so long as that remains a priority in his life. With Selina thrown into the mix and Bruce Wayne being happy, theoretically, he may no longer desire to be Batman.

9 Motivates Him (Makes Him Better)

One thing that Selina has been doing throughout King’s run is constantly motivating Batman. Even when she left him at the altar, Selina felt as though she was doing what was best for Bruce, as well as the world. Now that the two are reunited once again, she has been helping Bruce recover and recuperate, helping him prepare for his final showdown against Bane.

Not only does this prove her loyalty to Batman, but it shows that she will always support him, especially at his lowest point. Factors such as this easily show how she makes him better than he was before, in both the literal and metaphorical states.

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8 She is a Criminal (Ruined)


As Superman once pointed out, Catwoman is a criminal, and Batman wars on criminals. As a result, this creates an incredibly complex moral area for Batman. Though Selina herself often toes the line between hero and villain, Batman is effectively looking the other way whenever she decides to burgle something.

Granted, a running joke has been that Batman will always stop her from stealing, no matter how hard she tries, but it still creates some weird tensions between the couple’s home life and their “work life.” While Selina’s past has never mattered to Bruce, the fact that she still has some of her cat-burglar tendencies could easily prove problematic at times.

7 She Fits in With the Family (Makes Him Better)

Batman and Catwoman Kiss in Hush

In being a villain, Selina has often struggled to fit in with the rest of Batman’s world. Slowly but surely though, she was able to get the blessing of every major supporting character in Batman’s world. Nightwing, Red Hood, and even Robin came to accept Selina into their world and make her the newest member of the Bat-Family.

Even Superman himself showed great support for the couple, despite his initial reservations. In adding another member to the family, Batman is further able to expand his efforts in Gotham, as well as have more backup for when he is absent. Hence, Selina doesn’t just make Batman a better man, but a better hero as well.

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6 Changes the Way He Operates (Ruined)

Batman and Catwoman

Batman is no stranger to working with partners. Between the Robins and other members of the Justice League, he actually works with others quite often for someone who prefers to work alone. Likewise, while Batman actually fights very well with Selina by his side, but it still changes the way he operates. Firstly, Selina is far more brutal than he is, and Batman has occasionally had to stop her from maiming someone.

However, Selina could make a good substitute for Batman while he is off on a Justice League mission or something similar. Furthermore, Catwoman’s past gives her a different outlook on life that Batman doesn’t exactly share with her. As a result, the execution of their methods is always likely to be different.

5 Grounds Him (Makes Him Better)

Since he is Batman, Bruce Wayne has faced down horrific criminals, terrifying situations, and even immortal gods, only to emerge victorious at nearly every turn. As a result, it is easy for Bruce to get caught up in the act of being Batman and further distance himself from his humanity. With Selina in his life though, she serves as a constant reminder of what Bruce is and even helps him realize his limits.

Though this could be seen as a hindrance for Batman, it is actually a very valuable thing that Selina provides, as it ensures that he doesn’t get killed. Overall, grounding Batman the way Selina does is a major way that she helps him stay alive, easily making her better for the Dark Knight than some may realize.

4 Other Women Have Been “More Suitable” (Ruined)

One complaint that fans often cite for their hatred of “Bat/Cat” is that they feel as though Batman is better suited for other women in the DC Universe. One popular fanship is Batman and Wonder Woman.

While this is very likely never going to happen in comic book canon, some people still feel as though women like Talia Al’ Ghul, Zatanna, Vicky Vale, etc. all have a stronger bond with the Dark Knight than Catwoman. While that argument is entirely one’s own opinion, committing Batman to a single relationship does take the whole “playboy” aspect out of his personality.

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3 She Has Always Been Making Him Better (Makes Him Better)

Ever since her introduction, Selina has constantly been challenging Batman. As the two have grown over the years, their relationship also grew to become stronger, yet more complex. Even though they may not have realized it at the time, they were learning more and more about each other, eventually leading the two to the very point they’re at today.

Through every encounter the duo has had with each other, they have slowly been building upon the other, making small changes so that they are finally suitable to be together. Now that the two are finally back together, it makes sense that they have always been improving on each other, even when they were rivals.

2 She Can Break Him In Ways Other Villains Can’t (Ruined)

As evidenced by Batman #50, Catwoman easily has the potential to break Batman in ways no other villain can. Over the years, Batman has been broken both physically and mentally. However, he has rarely been broken emotionally. With Selina brought into the fold, she certainly has the potential to hurt Bruce in unimaginable ways.

Even if she doesn’t intend to, her incredibly close relationship with Batman could cost both of them a lot in the long run. No matter how much they mean to each other, it is still something that they would both need to be aware of.

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1 Makes Him Happy (Makes Him Better)


Especially in the more recent issues, Selina has been shown to be a good force in Batman’s life. Not only has she helped him recover against the damage Flashpoint Batman had done, but the time the two spent in recovery showcased exactly how Bruce can be both Batman and happy at the same time. Likewise, Selina very easily makes him happy. For all the history between the two, they are easily one of the better-suited comic book couples.

Despite coming from different backgrounds, the two have found a way to make their relationship with one another work in a way that everyone involved is truly happy with the pairing. As a result, making Batman happy has definitely proven how Selina makes him better.

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