Batman Begins, X-Men 3, Superman, Fantastic Four: April 14th Comic Reel Wrap


Batman-on-Film has posted what looks like a new one-sheet for the upcoming Christian Bale-fueled DC adaptation.


According to Ain't It Cool News, actor Vinnie Jones is talking to producers about taking on the part of Cain Marko, the Juggernaut, for the next mutant-themed sequel.


The same scooper who gave them a huge spoiler is back at Moviehole talking about new, spoilerish developments in filming. "This weekend (Saturday) more filming will take place in the city of the same sequence from last weekend ... with a lot less extras ... like 200 ... not 1000 like they had last time. Singer needs reshoots and better coverage I'm being told." Said spy, calling himself, "King Solomon," also had something to say about rumors of Routh doing all his scenes in the US. "Many of his scenes are being filmed in the Fox Studio backlot -- which was the whole point [sic] they chose Fox (among budget concerns), was because they needed extensive green screen area for the flying sequences. Some of his major scenes have already been filmed and they include the Branson scene where Superman saves the shuttle in space. Think green screen. There were some space flight signs on the bus stops during last week's filming that give hints about the whole theme of space travel in this film."


Superhero Hype has a scooper report on the score for the Tim Story-helmed Marvel adaptation, saying, "When asked if he had started any preliminary work on the 'FF' film, I was surprised to learn he has the main theme and some character-specific scores already structured. He seems pretty enthusiastic about the project. I'm enclosing a portion of his message: 'The film is definitely lighter [than 'X2'], but because of that I have more opportunities musically to be less restrained and play the theme more in the film. The main theme is sort of adapted to all the characters, including Dr. Doom, who has a sort of sinister minor version of it. This made sense because they are all effected by the same cosmic storm so they all have a sort of connection. Then there is a sort of magical "powers motif" for The Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic. The Thing is the one character who kind of has his own heartfelt sub-theme at times, reflecting back when he was a normal human. I'm still discovering things, so I'm sure other themes or motifs will emerge. Well, back to it!'"

In other news, Now Playing Magazine talked to screenwriter Simon Kinberg about possible sequel fodder. "What is interesting is that we were talking about that when we working on the first movie, and we thought about the franchise as a saga,' he says. 'We thought, 'Where does this saga go after the first movie?' And you will see that it is not just an origin story of the 'Fantastic Four;' it is also an origin story of Dr. Doom, and it is not until fairly late in the first movie [that] he fully becomes Dr. Doom. And there is a lot of space for him to grow in futures films, and I am sure they will want to bring in other villains because all of these franchises do, but I have a feeling he'll be to 'Fantastic Four' what Magneto is to 'X-Men.'" Kinberg also talks about what he thinks about a certain world devouring character coming to celluloid.


Superhero Hype also has a spy report from another set in Australia, talking about what's going on down under. "Tonight's shot is occurring on the Sandhurst rail-line, which is an abandoned trainline coming away from Flinders Street Station and crossing over the Yarra River towards Crown Casino. I went down to check it out for myself and sure enough there were flood lights and camera crew all setting up and in place. Security wasn't very tight as the working-day crowd were crossing over to the station, but I did see scaffolding across the dead-end section of the rail-line. Word is the shot will begin later in the evening, but I decided not to stick around waiting to see something, if anything. Also from this source I have heard the shooting will next be at the AXA Plaza on Collins Street both tomorrow and Friday night. I plan to have another look then and see if I can spot something interesting. Then on Monday the 18th the cast and crew will be moving to Bacchus Marsh for a few days of filming, both day and night shots. There has been plenty of rumour about what these shots will be of, scene-wise, yet I can't say a word on them as it would be purely speculative on my part."


It's prom time in Clark Kent's home town, and Devoted to Smallville has the trailer (Windows Media only) for next week's episode "Spirit," and Kryptonsite has the high resolution screen captures.


There's new concept art for the proposed new animated series up at the official site, showing a new look for McFarlane's grim hell-powered anti-hero.


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