Batman Begins, We3, X-Men 3, Smallville: The Comic Reel Wrap for June 8th


As the movie's release date looms closer, information starts flying in fast and furious. Comics Continuum has an interview with the movie's star, Christian Bale, offering insights into the Bat's psyche. "His own super-power is his wealth. And that's a pretty phenomenal thing to try to understand, growing up in that fashion. Having such access and such power is something that is quite unimaginable to almost anybody who just never experienced that in their life. But then also very interesting to me that it actually made him feel completely impotent at the end of the day, that he was kind of this little prince, born with a silver spoon and just incapable of understanding desperation or need or any of that."

Superhero Hype has a series of banners showing a deluge of bats at different locales around the world.


According to Variety (subscription required), " New Line Cinema is bringing an unlikely group of cyberassassins to the big screen: a dog, a cat and a bunny. Mini-major is in negotiations to pick up the rights to 'We3,' a miniseries from Time Warner sibling DC Comics via its Vertigo imprint." Thanks to Jonas Vesterlund for the heads up on that one.


News is heating up on the mutant-themed sequel, with director Brett Ratner talking to AllHipHop.com and MTV about his plans for the film.

Meanwhile, special effects guru Mike Elizalde did a video interview with IESB (Windows Media only) discussing working on Juggernaut and Beast for the film. Apparently, Kelsey Grammer has already done a life scan for the Beast suit.

Finally, Superhero Hype has quotes from screenwriter Simon Kinberg, who talked about Kelsey Grammer reading for the part of Hank McCoy. "They looked at lots and lots of actors for the part, but the one who came in and gave an absolutely unbelievable performance was Kelsey Grammer," Kinberg said. The character is "a cerebral genius trapped in the body of a furry beast. People don't see him for who he is. I saw a tape of Kelsey's performance and the emotion in his eyes. He was just stunningly good." As for the new film, he offered, "It's not as dramatic and dark as 'X-Men.' It skirts the line between moments that are quite serious and having a playful spark like 'The Incredibles.'"


The rumored link between the TV series and the big screen motion picture is back, as Kryptonsite has big spoiler-esque rumormongering about Al Gough and Miles Millar bumming around the Australia set (as well as alleging that a cast member may be preparing for a dirt nap). Dark Horizons chimes in with a corroborating rumor, which says, "Apparently, Clark is going to take the ship that landed in 'Commencement' to the Fortress during this season and that is what he will use later in life when he leaves Earth after 'Superman II.' He will then make his return to Earth in a similar ship of the one from 'Superman the Movie,' the 'crystal' ship. Also, I have heard of plans of having what emerges from the 'Smallville' ship wear a 'black' Superman suit. This is the same suit Clark will use in the movies. In 'Smallville' he will not wear it but what comes out of the ship will have it on."


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