Batman Begins, Unleashed, Superman, more: March 12th Comic Reel Wrap


Batman-on-Film has its sources disputing yesterday's news about Christian Bale splitting Bat-suits, reported in the BBC and on IMDB. "That's the biggest bunch of f***ing bunch of bull**** I've heard," their first source said. "The guy is filming in Iceland right now for crissakes! Batman doesn't even appear in the scenes being shot there. What a load of bloody crap!" They also added, "Another scooper has chimed in the the Bale-too-big-for-the-costume rumor that has been floating around. While not as blunt as yesterday's source, this scooper says that the story is simply an 'over exaggeration.' He also highly doubts that Bale had an 'embarrassing moment' with the Bat-suit in front of the crew." In other Bat-news, Latino Review has set pictures and news from Iceland, from a scooper who said, "According to the Morgunbladid newspaper shooting has already finished. The only actors present were Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne) and Liam Neeson (Ducard) with director Christopher Nolan and a crew of 250 people. According to them 'Himalaya Scenes' were shot there at Öræfasveit,Vatnajökuls and Svínafellsjökuls. The Begins crew will now move on to London for the main shoot."


Variety (subscription required) has a note about Myatt Murphy's "Two Over Ten" graphic novel and comic series, which has been optioned as "Unleashed" by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg's Platinum Studios. "The comic is a gold mine of characters and story hooks," Rosenberg said. "The story is action and drama, but the core has to do with just what ordinary people do when tossed into extraordinary circumstances."


Mediasharx has a note about possible casting for the long-awaited production. Their scooper Gregory said, "I haven't heard anything lately, But I have a name of a possible Jimmy Olsen for the SUPERMAN movie. His name is Troy Hall. He played a tire shop employee (Kenny) in THE FAMILY MAN. He has also been in ANOTHER WORLD, a made for TV movie TWO AGAINST TIME, and does a lot of voice commercials. I work with Troy's Father and was told that he has auditioned for the part and has been informed that he may receive it."


Countingdown.com's David Server has been sitting in on scoring sessions for the Mike Mignola adaptation, and posted a report about his experience there. F'r example, composer Marco Beltrami described the overall feel of the music: "It's very thematically based more than textually based. There are a lot of themes, themes for every character. In a sense, it's a very operatic score -- it's larger than life, like a lot of Guillermo's stuff. Y'know, having these motifs that play throughout the film to suggest things, that's sort of an operatic concept."


According to Superhero Hype, Lions Gate Films has re-added "Man-Thing" to their fall release schedule, and it was merely a mistake that it was removed. Things look stranger for the Keanu Reeves vehicle, which has been moved back to February 11, 2005.


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