Batman Begins, Transformers, 30 Days of Night: The Comic Reel Wrap for October 14


According to Moviehole, there will be two new batches of photos uploaded to the official site in the next week. On Friday, October 15th you'll be able to see Linus Roache, Tom WIlkinson and Ken Watanabe as Ra's al Ghul. On Tuesday, October 26th there will be photos of Cillian Murphy (possibly in costume), Rutger Hauer and Katie Holmes.

Meanwhile, actor Christian Bale spoke to Sci Fi Wire about getting into character for the Christopher Nolan-helmed Bat flick. "[We explore] how he got to be this nutcase that runs around dressed as a bat. The first couple of times wearing the mask was great, because it really helps you to [understand] how to play it. I always found it kind of laughable: The guy thinks he's going to be scary by walking around dressed as a bat. I'd look at him and go, 'What kind of nutcase are you? Get out of my face.' I thought, 'How can he really have this rage and this focus on despising criminals and this promise that he makes to rid the city of them?' I saw that it's really difficult to make a promise to yourself and then keep that clarity of thought that you had at that lucid moment and maintaining that intensity. Adopting this different persona helps him to maintain that kind of intensity. In donning the suit and everything, I no longer wanted to present this as Bruce Wayne dressed as a bat. He becomes a different creature, partly out of necessity of disguise, but also out of necessity to keep himself sane in his own life. It really helped me. Once I put [the suit] on, I felt like if I don't play it this a certain way, then I'm just going to feel like an idiot standing in a bat suit the whole time."

Finally, writer David Goyer spoke to Dreamwatch magazine (as noted by Superhero Hype) and considers the film an original take on the property. "There are definitely segments of our film that have never been addressed, even in the comic books, so we are sort of in uncharted territory," said Goyer. "I felt very strongly that we should use characters that hadn't been depicted in the films before. I think Ra's Al Ghul is unique as a Batman villain because of his goals. Although his goals are somewhat perverted, he is more realistic as a character than some of the other villains. And using the Scarecrow gave us the opportunity to depict a villain that was truly scary and frightening. If Bruce Wayne was going to wear a suit, what would he need to do in it and what would his suit require? Our general rule was that it had to feature either existing technology that was going to be thrown into the market place in the next 10 years or so. Without giving too much away, the film lends itself to a sequel."


According to IESB.net, "Back to the Future" helmer Robert Zemeckis might have changed his mind. They've heard that "Zemeckis has been turning down new directing offers because he is attached to the Transformers live action movie." A second source said, "Warner Brothers has asked Robert Zemeckis and Dreamworks not to make any announcements regarding the Transformers until after the release of 'The Polar Express.'"


Director Guillermo del Toro swung by to the official message board to give an update: "I have been toying and organizing all the cards and structure for 'HELLBOY II' and will be working hard on delivering that script to Revolution. There are many developments on the 'HELLBOY' animated series front but no definite answers yet."


Will Lindsey Lohan be in the third web-spinning sequel? Comic Book Movies has a rumor claiming the actress "was being considered for a part in the next Spider-man movie. He goes on to say she might be up for a character named Firestarter or Firestar. In the old 80's cartoon "Spider-man and His Amazing Friends" Spider-man teams up with Iceman and a one Firestar, aka Angelica Jones. Hmmm ..." The site also has notes from director Sam Raimi, saying "that Columbia Pictures intends for 'Spider-Man 3' to be the final film in the series. Seems, Sony's film head Amy Pascal has made it clear that she wants a definitive finale and so all the loose threads from the last two films must be tied up."


Many people are wondering what the untimely passing of Christopher Reeve means for the hit WB series. Kryptonsite has the answer straight from the mouth of producer Alfred Gough. They also note a rumor about the return of a certain vexing, scantily-clad character. On the other side of the virtual street, Devoted to Smallville has a clip and screen captures (Windows Media only) for the trailer of the next episode, "Run." Also, the WB has posted a new poster (as a PDF file) featuring actors Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling.


Sci Fi Wire spoke with producer Rob Tapert who gave an update on the adaptation of Steve Niles' 30 Days of Night at Columbia Pictures: "Steve has read [screenwriter Stuart Beattie's] draft that we just turned in to the studio and thought it was the absolute best representation of the graphic novel," Tapert said. "So he was incredibly pleased. And right now we're just waiting for the studio to get back to us as to how they want to proceed there."


JoBlo.com has a first look at the newest promotional banners from the David Goyer-helmed vampire sequel.


Speaking of preview images, Flick Addict has two new images from the Keanu Reeves-fueled Vertigo adaptation.


According to ICv2,nascent entertainment conglomerate IDT Entertainment has launched an ambitious schedule of projects including a Spawn feature length cartoon and a six-episode animated Stan Lee Presents series, the first two episodes of which are "Chameleon" and "El Lobo." 


China News reports that director John Woo has already used the casting eye to think about who he wants in some key roles for the big screen adaptation. For Skeletor? None other than old John Woo favorite (and current Johnny Blaze) Nicolas Cage. For He-Man himself? "Sex and the City" star Jason Lewis.


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