Batman Begins, Thundercats, Wonder Woman: February 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


Sci Fi Wire has some quotes from actor Christian Bale talking about the lead role in the Christopher Nolan-directed film. He's very much an American psycho of sorts and, yeah, also certainly has Christ-like symptoms," Bale said. "And, yeah, you know, [you see it in] the battle between [his] spirit and ... flesh and, with Bruce Wayne, the battle between the philanthropy his father taught him and was a great example to him for and the need for vengeance, which is incredibly strong." Bale played Jesus in the 1999 telefilm "Mary, Mother of Jesus" and gained fame as the title character in 1999's theatrical film "American Psycho." Bale said that he views Batman as conflicted. "Because his heart is telling him, frankly, that he wants to kill," he said. "But he cannot do it. He's been taught differently from childhood, and he knows that it is wrong. But, still, it's an overwhelming urge that he's had to pull back, rein in, all the time. I don't want to give away too much, but what Scarecrow [Cillian Murphy] is doing, and which Ra's Al Ghul [Ken Watanabe] and everybody [is up to], is very similar to the anthrax scare that people [went through]. It's very similar to the possibility of chemical, biological warfare, etc., going on. The notion also of the mentor that Bruce Wayne chooses to go and train with being a man with a triple-barreled name [who] lives in caves kind of on the run: You can't help but take a look and say, 'Hmm. There's a lot of relevance to it.' I think also the age-old thing of the ever-widening gap between rich and poor. And the nature of power and corruption. I think all of these things are particularly relevant, yeah. And I think it should be. Because this is American mythology. It should be in keeping with the times. If it's not, it's missing the point."


The last survivors of Thundera will be coming to DVD soon, according to DVDToons, but no release date has been announced for the season one disc.


The New York Post is rumormongering about the pride of Themyscria. "'Wonder Woman' finally got the green light. A movie version of the comic-book character has been buzzed about for a year, and now spies say Warner Bros. has finally told producer Joel Silver to go ahead with the project. Silver is said to already be in negotiations with 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' writer Joss Whedon to pen the script and is looking at Kim Basinger and Jessica Biehl for the title role. 'Kim would be used if Wonder Woman is older, Jessica is if she's younger,' the insider added. Warner didn't return calls." We will note that the Post misspelled the name of "Blade: Trinity" actress Jessica Biel, not us, so perhaps this should be taken with several pounds of salt.


The New York Times did a big write up on Christopher Reeve's role in the "Smallville" cosmology, and the team at Devoted to Smallville transcribed it for you, so you won't need all that subscription jazz.

In other news, Kryptonsite has the probable title for the season's 20th episode on their spoilers page, while also having new images released by the network from already aired episodes "Krypto" and "Recruit." The WB posted a new preview clip for the episode "Sacred," and Kryptonsite has high resolution screen captures for you.

Finally, you can meet Pete Ross himself, actor Sam Jones III at Orlando's MegaCon this weekend.


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