Batman Begins, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, Elektra, Superman: December 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


Batman-on-film reports that the new Christopher Nolan-helmed DC adaptation will use an effect known as "bleach bypass," which they describe as follows: "Bleach Bypass is a film laboratory technique where, by skipping the bleach stage in the color processing sequence, silver is retained in the image along with the color dyes. The result is effectively a black and white image superimposed on a color image. Bleach Bypass images have increased contrast, reduced saturation, often giving a pastel effect."


According to Variety, the goth-flavored sequel is headed to home video instead of to cineplexes.


Music From The Movies ports that Varèse Sarabande will release the original score for Elektra on January 11, 2005. "The music is composed by Christophe Beck, whose approach to the score was to experiment with unusual sounds and textures. In a press release, Beck says that he wanted to 'create textures and music beds and edit and manipulate them to create both strange and familiar musical elements.' To achieve this, he prerecorded orchestral tracks that were edited and manipulated to create abstract sounds. These will be joined by full orchestra recorded at Fox this week. The score is being described as a 'percussion-influenced mix of sound design and pure orchestration, with traditional and innovative layers.'"


Sci Fi Wire has some quotes from Kevin Spacey, who appears to be seriously considering locking horns with Brandon Routh, and has good reasons for it. "Working with Bryan Singer again, hands-down, [is the main reason]," Spacey said. "And also, let's face it, I'm not someone who's done those kind of movies. But I have done big studio films, and [of] the big studio films I've done I've tried to do the interesting ones and the ones I could live with myself in the morning about. But those movies actually provide me the ability to do a movie like 'Beyond the Sea' [the upcoming Bobby Darrin biopic that he wrote, directed and stars in] or to go to the Old Vic and [serve as the artistic director of the venerable British theater]. There's kind of a trade-off. You get paid more money when you do those kind of movies. I do more independent movies and I certainly produce more independent movies than big studio films. I want to be in the game, and being in the game allows me to do the other stuff that I want to do. So I'll always try to balance that. Superman is a big franchise; there's no doubt about it."


This just in from USA Today: "Sony Pictures has plans for three more sequels, but Raimi is not signed on for the fourth movie. 'If I have the same passion after this ('Spider-Man 3'), I would love to direct (No. 4) and hope they would ask me.'"


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