Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2, Wonder Woman: May 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


The official web site has three new photos of Christian Bale in and out of costume. As well, there's some photos from England showing that some signage at the set still are titled "TIG" for the old working title, "The Intimidation Game."


Tobey Maguire sat down and talked to fans about all things web-related at WonderCon in San Francisco this weekend, and Comics Continuum was there to capture the entire experience. Maguire said, among other things, that Spidey would be making with the quips. "(In the comics), he's funny and kind of cocky and has all his quips and smart witty remarks. We're getting into that. We just don't want to overdo and make it cheesey. It's a little cheesier in a movie than in a comic book. We want to try to keep it real and have some respect for what we're putting out there. But we're trying to develop that side of his character a little bit more."


According to Newsarama, writer Greg Rucka spoke about Themyscria's Finest at San Francisco's Wonder Con, saying "that one-time frontrunner (in the eyes of some fans, at least) for the role of Wonder Woman, Charisma Carpenter more than likely ruined her chances by posing nude for Playboy"


A new poster has been posted online, joining the clipped headshot and the Jennifer Love Hewitt poster.


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