Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2, Watchmen: May 12th Comic Reel Wrap


It seems we have our Martha Wayne. Superhero Hype has a scooper who said that Sara Stewart (who stars in the independent film London Voodoo) will be called "mommy" by Christian Bale.

In other news, Sir Michael Caine was interviewed by Star Chat, and said, "Christopher Nolan will be directing and it's going to be very real and very un-comic bookie -- I've just invented that word. Un-comic book because I am not very comic book, I'm pretty real."


The dynamic duo of Al Gough and Miles Millar were interviewed by CFQ magazine, and discussed their work on the sequel script with Michael Chabon, including some sizeable plot spoilers. Somehow, this inspired the gang at Devoted to Smallville to scan the whole thing and post it for your review. There's some conflict over the screenwriting credit, and Millar said, "Michael Chabon, whom we'd never met, called us and told us that he was outraged. He thought that we deserved credit."

In other news, actress Mageina Tovah's official website notes that she has a "major supporting role" in this summer's Spider-flick, and there's even a photo on the official site backing up her claims.


Don't go warming up your Rorshach mask just yet: Entertainment Weekly reports, "[David] Hayter's screenplay migrated to Revolution Studios, where Darren Aronofsky was rumored to be prepping to direct it after completing his current film -- until the Revolution deal fell through in just the last couple weeks." This is another roadblock in the way of the considerably beleaguered production.


Platinum Studios' Scott Mitchell Rosenberg emailed the Comic Reel to point out a Hollywood Reporter story about the Platinum property will be appearing in tomorrow's edition. "Sahara" writers Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Donnelly have come on board to adapt the project, which is set within Platinum's comic book "macroverse" of more than 1,000 characters. Ronsenberg also sent us some original concept art, which we're happy to share with you. Look for more on "Cowboys and Aliens" in the coming days here at CBR.


Variety reports that there'll be a resurrection of the Todd McFarlane animated series. Producer/director McFarlane has pacted with IDT Entertainment -- which recently acquired animation studio DPS/Film Roman ("The Simpsons") -- to bring back "Spawn: The Animated Series," as well as develop at least two more animated projects.


IESB.net interviewed "The Shield's" Michael Chiklis, who sees a rocky future. He confirmed that rumors regarding his involvement with the upcoming Fantastic Four project had some validity. He stated that if all goes as planned he will spend his summer as the "Thing." Meanwhile, IGN's Filmforce has a report saying that the "upcoming 'Fantastic Four' movie may owe more to Marvel's recently launched 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' than to the original series. Sources close to the production initially would not speak on the record about our claim but they never denied it, either." Marvel's Avi Arad backed this up by telling Movie Insider magazine, "when you look at 'Ultimate Fantastic Four,' you can see the direction for the costume, for the age, for the energy for what we want to do with 'Fantastic Four' ... well, the movie is starting in August and we're in pre-production now. Tim Story's directing the movie and it was worth the wait. It had to wait for many, many reasons. We had to get the Thing right. Without the Thing, you don't have a movie. We have a shop and we now have a great Thing and a fun, fun, fun script because Fantastic Four better be fun and we're finally doing it. The movie's coming out July next year. The studio loves what we're doing with it and we have the right director for this project. Casting will probably be completed in three weeks. It's going to have a fun, fun toy line. I mean, it's the one! You'll stretch them, bend them, break them -- flame on! It's such a fun thing -- all of them." Finally, Ain't It Cool News runs the numbers and comes up with Julia Styles as Susan Storm, but they have no confirmation as of yet.


Devoted to Smallville has screen captures from last week's episode "Talisman" and Zap2it.com has an introspective interview with Kristin Kreuk, who has some ideas about her character. "In the comic books, he does. Clark tells her when she's ready. Judging from her reaction in the past to Kryptonite freak guys, she'd be accepting. An alien's kind of difficult to comprehend, and she's practical. She doesn't look at her friends and go, 'Hey, wonder if they're an alien.' She lives life not thinking about the paranormal. She lives her life thinking about emotional things. I think she'd be relieved -- angry at him for not being able to trust her, but ultimately she'd understand."


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