Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2, Unique, more: March 11th Comic Reel Wrap


IMDB reports that "'Batman Begins' star Christian Bale was left red-faced on the upcoming superhero movie's set last week -- when he couldn't fit into his costume. The 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' hunk is currently in Iceland filming the fifth installment of the comic book franchise under the guidance of Memento director Christopher Nolan. But poor Christian had to suffer the indignity of the costume problems on his first day as Gotham City's crime fighting bat. A set insider explains, 'The trouble is the suit is so tight, it takes three people to squeeze Christian into it. He ripped one suit then finally managed to get into another with the help of more than a few squirts of talcum powder.'" In other Bat-news, ReelChicago has a brief report on the transformation of the Windy City into Gotham City, starting in late July.


USA Today was on hand for the premiere of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and caught up to Kirsten Dunst and future James Jameson, actor Daniel Gillies. Despite getting really up close and personal wuith Gillies, Dunst wasn't worried about her relationship with glitterati Jake Gyllenhaal. "Oh, Jake doesn't care about that stuff," she said. "He's my man. He doesn't need to feel threatened." Gillies noted that things seemed fine as well, saying, "Jake only turned up on set two days, and one of those days coincided with a day when Kirsten and I were being quite intimate. I was aware he was there but just zoned him out."

Also, "KD" emailed us to say this about yesterday's Bruce Campbell newsbit: "I've heard tell that Bruce Campbell's cameo in the second Spidey film is as follows: Bruce plays an usher that keeps Peter Parker from entering the theatre where Mary Jane is performing. As such, you could indeed say that Bruce will be 'defeating Spider-Man' in Spider-Man 2."


UGO Screenwriter's Voice has an interview with Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, the producer of "Jeremiah," former Malibu Comics chief and head honcho at Platinum Studios. He discusses the new story, which is being written by Michael Cooney and directed by uber-busy David Goyer. On the fledgling OGN project "Unique," he said, "The film story and the graphic novel story are not the same, but they're both about a man who's literally caught between two worlds. For most of his life he's thought he was crazy, because he was seeing and hearing things that weren't there. Then he discovers that he's not crazy after all, and the fate of many ride on his ability to see and move between them. One of the big differences between the movie story and the comic story is the nature of the two worlds. In the film, the two worlds are very similar (enough that the protagonist can't easily tell them apart). In the graphic novel, Dean Motter has created an alternate world called Penumbra, which is geographically the same as our world, but with some very big differences. The people there are nocturnal, so for them, midnight is like noon, and broad daylight is as deserted as our cities are in the middle of the night. Even their clothes and architecture are very different."


There's new behind-the-scenes images from the Wesley Snipes-fueled vampire sequel on Jessica Biel's official website (registration required). The film is due in theatres August 13th.


From Warren Ellis' Bad Signal mailing list: "John Rogers is doing what he calls 'open source producing' on 'GLOBAL FREQUENCY' -- every week everyone on the show gets a huge update email from John, putting all developments on the show up for discussion. The pilot now has a director that everyone's happy with -- who understands that, based on a comic though it might be, GF is not supposed to look like 'Birds of Prety' or 'Dick Tracy.' And now it's on to casting."


According to Craigslist, extras are being sought for the long-awaited, anticipated Nic Cage movie. Also worth noting is a cool movie poster-style image for the project.


Anxious to see how the movie will start? Random House has posted the first chapter of the movie novelization on their website. The movie opens June 25th.


Comingsoon.net got a first look at realistic costumes that will be sold to the public, based on the Paul Anderson action film.


This week's issue of Toyfare has an interview with producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura. It mostly discusses material that has been chatted about online for months, but did reveal DiBonaventura's personal preference for the twelve inch stylings of the earlier toys over the 1980s styled 3 3/4" figures. The article revealed some small plot points, such as how the film will focus on Duke and a newcomer named Rex, and promises sword-swingin' ninja action for all the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow fans who will brave multiplexes.


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