Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2, Superman: June 17th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Cinescape, you may see the Bat on the big screen just a little bit sooner. "As filming continues on Chris Nolan's 'BATMAN BEGINS,' one of our most reliable and trusted sources contacted us to say that Batman's movie studio is working on getting a teaser trailer out as soon as possible for the film. The source, who works in the industry, tells us that Warners is trying hard to get the first trailer for BATMAN BEGINS out for the opening of 'SPIDER-MAN 2,' June 30. If the trailer isn't complete by that time, the studio has struck a deal to place the 'BATMAN' trailer with 20th Centiry Fox's 'I, ROBOT' opening July 16. The trailer will definitely be featured with the company's other superhero movie project out on July 30, namely 'CATWOMAN.'"

Meanwhile, Superhero Hype has more scans from a Newsweek article spotlighting the film, and discusses some of the filming in England.


Reuters has posted a video interview with clips (RealMedia only, scroll down and look under "entertainment") from a press junket in Los Angeles last weekend.

In other news, Superhero Hype has several fan reports on new commercials appearing around the small screen.


Variety turned its spotlight on the Man of Steel, reporting that the allegedly-McG-helmed adaptation is moving toward a late 2004 start of production. Warner Brothers is currently negotiating with Neal Moritz ("The Fast and the Furious," "XXX," "SWAT") and Gilbert Adler ("Ghost Ship," "Starsky & Hutch") to produce the film. The article notes that nothing has been signed between McG and Warners, even though he did the now-well-known screen test for six actors to take the cape. Producer Jon Peters is still attached, but allegedly will have a smaller role in this than originally anticipated. Warner Bros. Entertainment chairman-CEO Alan Horn and production president Jeff Robinov are expected to make a decision soon as to whether any of McG's potential Supermen will get the lead role.


It's clobberin' time! Superhero hype has a possible first look at the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing, from a maquette which was on display at the recent International Make Up Artist Trade Show in Pasadena, CA.


Mrowr! Catwoman Unofficial has posted a whole bunch of new photos from the upcoming feline flick.

Additionally, the Detroit News has an interview with Benjamin Bratt where he talks about his work on the movie. "Working with this kind of material is much harder than doing something dramatic and representational," Bratt said. "With respect to the writers, it's all on the surface. My cop was just an expositional device, a guy who asks questions - much too soft on the page. I told the producers and writers that no one likes anything that comes too easy, so we made him more mysterious and dangerous - building up the sexual tension. Halle's character would never be with someone who doesn't push back, so we gave him a bit of sass."


James Marsden talked to IGN's FilmForce about work on his two comic book properties. With regards to the "X-Men" franchise, Marsden said, "If I had to guess, and I know the writers very well, and this would be purely speculation, that they would probably go into the Dark Phoenix Saga. It seems the natural way to go with the evolution of the comic book and with what happened at the end of 'X-Men 2.' And I think that's probably where they're going to go and I think that if that's the case, I'll have some good stuff to do. But I have no idea. I just have an inkling and I've just talked to the director and the writers and they hinted that, that that's where it's going to go, but it's so hard for me to get emotionally involved, but my coming back wouldn't be contingent upon them using that storyline. I'm very grateful to be a part of that whole franchise and I'd be a part regardless."

When asked about "Preacher," Marsden replied, "I'm still kind of going through my deal, but we're supposed to shoot in August. Very, very big following and some of the best writing I've ever read. Really dark, very dark, not for everybody. It challenges the kind of conventional religion and things like that. A very cynical piece, but some very brilliant writing. Right now we're kind of trying to figure out how to go in August, but I don't know for sure yet because we're not finished with everything. So, when the movie gets made, hopefully I will be playing Preacher. If it gets made, it will go before 'X-Men 3.'"


Not content with taking the summer off, Kryptonsite has posted new images from Season 3 episodes "Truth" and "Covenant" fresh from the Frog.


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