Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2, Hellboy, more: April 5th Comic Reel Wrap


The Z Review has a bevy of photos of Christian Bale as billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. The makers of SCOTTeVEST note on their website that "Producers of the upcoming Batman movie, 'Batman V,' (sic) have been studying the SCOTTeVEST as a model to base a redesigned utility belt for Batman. The co-marketing opportunities could result in a shark repellent pocket in the next version of the SeV." Also, a spy report at Superhero Hype says, "I was in London today shooting my student film in the Canary Wharf area and saw a crew going to the Plateau, I followed them up there and found out they were from WB, I saw they had set up some lighting for a shoot but no sign of Bale or Nolan etc. So it looks like they are shooting the scene there in the next few days." Ain't It Cool News features a glowing review of the script, and finally, the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Michael Caine will get his butle on at the end of the month, after he finishes filming "The Weather Man" with Nicolas Cage.


According to Comics Continuum, HBO will air a 13-minute behind-the-scenes special about the web-spinning sequel on Thursday, June 24th at 10:45 PM. Also, Moviehole has some new high resolution photos from the film, and Alfred Molina talked to Sci Fi Wire about the new film, saying, "The bits that I saw while we were shooting felt terrific. Some of the assemblies we looked at of the big sequences were very exciting, very detailed. I think that [director] Sam [Raimi] wanted to push the envelope a little bit in terms of the effects and also in terms of the storylines. He wanted this film to be more complex, more involved and more detailed so that the audience has a more satisfying experience." Philadelphia area fans can meet Molina at Wizard World Philadelphia on May 22nd. Finally, USA Today notes that a new trailer for the film will debut on Thursday during the NBC reality show "The Apprentice," and LA Weekly goes further, claiming "In a masterful stroke of summer movie promotion by Sony Pictures, Tobey Maguire shows up in character, only to be met by Trump's newly trademarked phrase, 'You're fired!'"


Comingsoon.net has video interviews (Real Media format) of Ron Perlman and Selma Blair, discussing the smash hit movie. Comics Continuum also took a good long look at Selma Blair's apperance on the Tonight Show, and posted a report, complete with a number of stills from the film.

And according to Box Office Mojo, weekend estimates show "Hellboy" well outperforming the competition, bringing the smack down on The Rock and "Walking Tall." "Hellboy" pulled in an estimated 23.5 Million dollars over the Friday through Sunday period. For comparisons's sake, "Walking Tall" tallied an estimated 15.3 million.


Kryptonsite has the network's spoilerish official description of upcoming episode "Truth." Meanwhile, Devoted to Smallville read Sci Fi Magazine and posted a breakdown of Miles Millar describing the last six episodes, of course, with more spoilers.


Our old friend Rob Worley wrote in to say, "Sources tell me 'Agent Zero' -- a concept by Scott Alan Kinney ('Killer Stunts, Inc.') and backed by DPG Visions is apparently getting some play in TV land ..." Click the following two concept images for a closer look.


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