Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2, Catwoman: June 1st Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype stayed busy during the long weekend. First up is an extensive set report with accompanying photos. Another report says the production is continuing its UK tour by heading to Cardington, saying "There's an extras casting session in Bedford ... and they're filming in Cardington from mid June to the end of July."

Meanwhile, Ain't It Cool News has a spy report from a scooper who caught Gary Oldman at a "Harry Potter" press conference. According to them, Oldman said "that he really liked Chris Nolan's take on the material and that Nolan only accepted the job on the understanding he could do it his way, with little interference. He even said something about 'doing it for half the money,' although I assume he means in terms of Nolan's wage rather than budget! To this end, Oldman said that he was expecting the movie to be R Rated. Finally, he noted an interesting aside Michael Caine made to him about Superman and Batman, the former being how America views itself, the latter, darker character being how the rest of the world views America."


Columbia Records released information about the soundtrack, "Spider-Man 2: Music From and Inspired By," due to be released June 22nd. "'Spider-Man 2: Music From and Inspired By' includes lead tracks, 'Vindicated' by Dashboard Confessional (already a #1 Most Added Record at Modern Rock Radio) and 'Ordinary,' the eagerly-anticipated new track from the Grammy-winning rock band Train. Both singles have companion video clips. The album also features new songs from Hoobastank ('Did You'), Jet ('Hold On'), Yellowcard ('Gifts and Curses'), Maroon 5 ('Woman'), Taking Back Sunday ('This Photograph Is Proof [I Know You Know]'), Smile Empty Soul ('Who I Am'), the Ataris ('The Night That The Lights Went Out In NYC'), Ana ('We Are'), and Jimmy Gnecco featuring Brian May ('Someone To Die For'). In addition, 'Spider-Man 2: Music From and Inspired By' contains the Lostprophets' 'Lucky You,' formerly available as a UK b-side and 'Give It Up,' which is also the first single from the major label debut of Midtown. Rounding out Spider-Man 2: 'Music From and Inspired By' are two compositions by Danny Elfman: 'Spidey Suite' and 'Doc Ock Suite.'"

Also, The Movie Box has posted the latest TV spot for your perusal. Finally, Moviehole has an interview with Daniel Gillies, where the junior Jameson gushes about his experience with the film's production.


The official UK site has been updated with new images and a different logo promo picture. Also, producer Edward L. McDonnell is interviewed at BlackFilm.com, where he hints at Easter eggs for "hard core fans."


Star Ron Perlman will be the guest of honor at Jacksonville, Florida's Dreamcon 2, June 11-13, 2004. Given he's been so prone to talking about the sequel, we expect more of that kind of detail from the Sunshine State. Plus, fans in Australia will be happy to hear this tidbit special effects guru Todd Labonte posted on the Hellboy message boards: "I just wanted to let you know, for those of you in Australia, I'll be doing a Making of Hellboy presentation in Melbourne this coming Tuesday (June 1st) as part of the AEAF festival they have down there. Don't know how many of you are in that area but I thought I might as well post if anyone's nearby, or is already going to the conference. It's only an hour talk and I'm sure a lot of this stuff will end up on the big DVD release though so don't sweat it if ya miss it!"


Actor Sam Jones III will also be appearing at DreamCon, according to their previously linked Web site.


The first music video, including new scenes, has been posted at the official site.


First of all, visionary Paul Dini announced on his web site that he's leaving Warner Animation to pursue other opportunities. Comics Continuum has some comments from him about fitting Zatanna in to the new "Justice League Unlimited," an episode he called "a mystical throwdown between Circe and Zatanna. always liked the character and liked writing her in Batman and Justice League. Occasionally, I would throw her into Gotham Girls when I was doing those. I was going to do a series of Vertigo one-shots with the character. I did one, and then due to time and some concerns with DC for the character to appear elsewhere, I had to suspend that. At some point I may go back and write more about her." They also have screen captures from the promo for the season opener "Initiation," featuring Supergirl, Green Arrow and Captain Atom.


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