Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2, Blade: Trinity: April 29th Comic Reel Wrap


It looks like the film has drawn its first protesters, but it's not Val Kilmer fans as some might have expected. According to SFGate.com, "Animal rights protestors in London are furious with plans to shoot the new "Batman" movie at an animal testing facility. British director Christopher Nolan wants to use the 1950s-built National Institute for Animal Research in Mill Hill, north London, as a location for upcoming prequel 'Batman Begins' -- due to star Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson. A Warner Bros. spokesperson explains, "We felt this building offered a unique visual element for our movie. 'Neither Warner Bros Pictures nor the film-makers, cast or crew of 'Batman Begins' wish to endorse or condemn any social or political position by choosing to film the facade of the institute.' But members of the Mill Hill Anti-Vivisection Alliance are already vowing to disrupt any filming at the center -- where animals are used to research diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis."

Also, the Hendon & Finchley Times has a report from the steps of Arkham Asylum. Their article says, "stars Gary Oldman and Katie Holmes came to Mill Hill last Friday night as film crews transformed a medical research centre into the mythical asylum of Arkham in Gotham City. The stars were on set at the imposing National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), in The Ridgeway ... massive floodlights loomed over the building, where a mock asylum entrance gate had been built, and black Gotham City police SWAT vans could be seen parked on The Ridgeway. Of the Batmobile, there was no sign. Amused NIMR staff had been banned from talking about the set but one worker described the scenes which could not be seen from the road. 'It's very exciting it's an asylum. There is lots of rubber stuff and these big drums,' she said.


Three new photos have been uploaded to the official site which are rumored to be contenders for new posters.


Moviefone has new stills and a making-of video from the Bill Murray-voiced big screen adaptation.


Superhero Hype has an early report on screenings of the David Goyer-helmed vampire sequel. Their scooper said, "I saw a 'Blade: Trinity' test screening last night and it was excellent! The ensemble cast worked extremely well, with a nice balance between Abigail, Hannibal King, and Blade." This column heard comics retailer Jason Thompson from Culver City's Comics Ink say that the screening was disappointing, showing Snipes doing "stuff we've already seen" and that the Nightstalkers were less than compelling spin off material.


According to Dark Horizons, "Comic creator Brian Vaughn indicated he would like to see Topher Grace for the main role for the film adaptation of his just optioned property."


Are you ready to take a peek at a giant-sized Man-Thing? Bloody-Disgusting.com has it, since Dark Horizons seems to have had their reference to this taken down (by legal fiat?).


Devoted to Smallville has a trailer (Windows Media only) for the new episode "Talisman" online, as well as screen captures of it as well. They also have scans of a Tom Welling interview in the British magazine "Cult Times." Also, Zap2it.com has a feature on John Schneider's directing the episode "Talisman," which showed some laughs and how seriously he took the opportunity: ""I've never believed in the whole Spielberg, baseball-cap thing," Schneider said, "You should be able to tell the director from everybody. That's why captains have bars. Is it militaristic? Yeah, it's militaristic, but the long and the short of television is, you make your day, or you don't make your day. 'How you make your day is, when it's fine and everybody's having a good time, but somebody says, 'OK, let's go. Rosenclown, get on your mark.' 'Yes, Mr. Schneider.' That's funny, and it's cute, but he meant it. He understood.'" Finally, Kryptonsite has three new images from the episode, "Forsaken."


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