Batman Begins, Sin City, Superman: June 10th Comic Reel Wrap


Information about casting extras in Chicago? Star Search Casting is all set to tell you about it.

In other news, an English fan wrote into Superhero Hype about his father finding Gotham City cars on the street. "He drove to work his parking spot was taken by a car with no motor, no seats, and no floor! But some kind of set advisor paid him 40 pounds and gave him a certificate to a restaurant. The license plates to almost all the cars on that street displayed GOTHAM. So they were obviously shooting Batman Begins. When he was in his office he saw that they were setting up wooden fruits and goods stands down the right side of the street. They filmed those stands for hours with people walking up and down the street. Then they filmed all these people running as fast as they can with terrified looks on there faces and constantly looking back. Concluding that they were being chased by something. This happened monday. Everything has been normal for the rest of the week."


Dark Horizons reports that "Michael Madsen and Alexis Bledel have signed on to star in the Robert Rodriguez-helmed Frank Miller adaptation. Madsen will play Bob, the partner to Bruce Willis's 'Hartigan' in "That Yellow Bastard," while it is thought that Bledel will play 'Becky' in "The Big Fat Kill."


According to Superman-V.com, there were once six actors being asked to screen test for a chance to be the Man of Steel: Brandon Routh, Mike Vogel, Hayden Christensen, Jake Gyllenhaal, Max Brown and and Charlie Hunnam. Today, the Dark Lord of the Sith has opted out of the process.


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