Batman Begins, Punisher, Hellboy, more: March 15th Comic Reel Wrap


USA Today talked briefly to the future Dr. Jonathan Crane, one Cillian Murphy. The newspaper reports, "The actor goes to London in April for 'Batman Begins,' directed by Chris Nolan ('Memento') with Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader. Murphy, who is the evil Scarecrow, is confident this fourth sequel will revive the franchise done in by 1997's 'Batman & Robin.' 'We've got the best director we could get and an amazing cast.'" Murphy also talked to the New York Daily News, saying, "I never really saw myself as Batman material, but it was very nice to be offered the other role. If anyone's going to reinvent the franchise, it'll be Chris Nolan."


Wanna see the Thomas Jane-fueled flick a little early? Visitors to the ShoWest motion picture industry convention in Las Vegas will get a chance to do just that. Variety reports that ShoWest will screen 'The Punisher' before the event's opening day luncheon on March 23rd. "It's going to be a truly exciting day," said ShoWest's Mitch Neuhauser, "starting off with the screening of the eagerly anticipated release of The Punisher, to be followed by the lunch -- a surprise-packed event featuring highlights from Lions Gate's spectacular upcoming slate."

In other bullet-riddled news, The Punisher Army tie-in Web site has launched, with some stills from the film, has the OHOTMU profile on the character, and more.


Music From The Movies reports that "Varhse Sarabande has announced that Marco Beltrami's score for Guillermo del Toro's comic book action story 'Hellboy' will be released on their label on 6th April. Beltrami's music is scored for large orchestral and choral forces, recorded in February with two orchestras. Almost two hours of music was written for the film. We have no information yet regarding the total duration of Varhse Sarabande's album."

In other news, Comingsoon.net has posted four new behind-the-scenes webisodes from the film, available in Windows Media and Real formats.


Comics Continuum woke up Saturday morning and caught the previews of the new animated Bat series, including a series of screen captures.


According to Hollywood North Report, "Elektra has set up shop at Lions Gate Film Studios (aka Northshore Studios) in North Vancouver and has set production dates of May 3rd thru July 15th 2004. SAI Productions Ltd is the production companies name and Brent O'Conner ('Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed,' 'Good Will Hunting') is currently listed as Executive Producer. Renowned Vancouver Production Designer Graeme Murray ('The X-Files,' 'Smallville,' 'Wiseguy') has been hired along with Production Manager Simon Abbott."


According to MTV, "Director Kevin Smith says he's found his Green Hornet. 'I think Kurt Loder's ready. I think Loder's ready to step up and put on the mask,' Smith said recently. 'I look at his stony, wooden visage on the news every hour on the hour and I go, 'That's a dude who can save a city.' Actually, Smith won't say who he really has in mind, but he did reveal that discussions have already gotten under way. 'We had a really tremendous meeting,' Smith said. 'Hopefully he says yes.' Rumors have linked both George Clooney -- who was attached to the project in 1997 before he was cast in 'The Peacemaker' - and Jet Li, but Smith wouldn't name names when pressed. He would only say that "acting skill" is at the top of his wish list. 'I want a performer more than anything else -- a guy who can act,' Smith said. Smith has also said he would love to work with martial arts legend Master Woo-Ping Yuen, perhaps using him in an advisory capacity like Quentin Tarantino did on 'Kill Bill.' The director plans to deliver a 'Green Hornet' that's more serious in tone than his usual fare ('Clerks,' 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back'), and he expects the film's story to span several decades.


ComiX-Fan has a really up close and personal look at the cinematic version of Marvel's monster.


Never content to rest on their laurels, Kryptonsite has spoilers about this season's 20th episode, "Talisman," directed by former Duke boy John Schneider. All we'll say is "expect spelunking."


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