Batman Begins, Punisher 2, Justice League: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 6


More news from the Windy City, courtesy of Superhero Hype: "'Batman [Begins]' continued filming on Tuesday night on the north side of Chicago they were shooting under the elevated train tracks at Broadway and Leland. They had transformed an old men's wear shop to look like a liquer (sic) store. Many of the crewmembers stopped in my coffee shop all pretty tight-lipped but one woman (who seemed in charge she was paying for everyone's drink) was on her cell phone enquiring about some one on the project who had been taken to the hospital? No celeb sightings."


Thomas Jane talked to About.com about things he'd like to see in the still possible sequel. "There's a pretty good storyline in Circle of Blood," Jane said. "I like taking storylines from the comics and running them together. It would be great if Circle of Blood was one of them. And again, there's some pretty good stuff from the War Journal stuff. I'm hoping that number two is called The Punisher War Zone. Like we could do The Punisher: Circle of Blood or The Punisher War Zone. I think that'd be fun."


Comics Continuum has the background story on how Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons got a partial credit for an upcoming episode. "That actually came about when we were sittng down plotting the season, it came up in the conversation that in the first two seasons we never did a show that involved just the big three," Timm said. "And we were like, 'Yeah, I guess we should rectify that situation.' And it was Dwayne (McDuffie, story editor/producer) who said that the best big three story of all time was 'For the Man Who Has Everything.' And we said, 'OK, let's do that.'"

A phone call to Moore was next on the agenda for the producer. "I wasn't going to do the show if he wasn't comfortable with us doing it," Timm said. "And he said, 'Oh yes, I would be honored if you would adapt that for your show.' So that was great. And hopefully, he'll still feel that way once the show's done. I think he'll like it."

Timm also said that Eric Roberts brought a very different vocal performance to Mongul from the last time the character was seen. "It's a really intense episode," Timm said. "Mongul is definitely more scary than in the episode 'War World.' Honestly, Eric Roberts kind of made us nervous a little bit because he had so many different ideas on how to play this character and we recorded every single one of them,í Timm said on a recent Justice League: Paradise Lost DVD. ìHe's not consistent through the episode -- he doesn't sound like the same guy from the beginning to the end. There are times when he's real suave, and there are other times where he's really brutish, and we thought, 'Man, we don't know if this is going to cut together -- if this is going to make a consistent character -- or what. Fortunately, the storyboard artists really focused in on the acting that he had provided in the vocal tracks and played up all these different facets of his personality in the show. So, when we got the show back, we thought, 'Wow, this is great, this is better than if he was just the mean bad guy.' I mean, he's vain, he's arrogant, he's petty. I think that makes him an interesting character and, fortunately, that's exactly what Eric brought out in his performance." The episode can be seen this weekend on Cartoon Network.


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