Batman Begins, Punisher 2, Catwoman: April 21st Comic Reel Wrap


It's a big day for flying rodent news. The Wharf has a new update on the filming of the Chris Nolan-helmed Bat flick at the Canada Square Park restaurant. According to The Wharf, "Christian Bale was a real gentleman," when he "was at the Canada Square Park restaurant filming scenes." A set insider said, "It's a big role but he seemed very comfortable and really looked the part." The Chicago Tribune (registration required) says "In July, filming of 'Batman Begins' starring Christian Bale in Chris Nolan's prequel to the 'Batman' series, will pitch camp here for six weeks of exterior shooting." The Worfolk News reports that the production will make its way to California for shooting, and Wales Western Mail notes that Christian Bale is on the way to losing a third of his body weight and get down to almost 140 pounds for a role in "The Machinist," which seems to have filmed before "Batman Begins" begun. Mandy.com notes that "Tomb Raider"/"Harry Potter" vet Camille Benda has joined the crew as a costume designer.

Meanwhile Laura Arman-Jones spoke to WNOL about the adventures she had handling the costume. Something she said could have been the source of the ripped Bat-suit rumors: "Stitching, sewing, pinning, ironing. When we did Batman's costumes we'd work on one piece until it was coming out of our ears. Everything had to be stitch-perfect and hand-sewn. One costume probably took us 100 hours -- but then you need about eight copies of each costume, because they get ripped and ruined in the stunts." Cinefex has additional crew details about the special effects staff, and Screamscape says, "Another source tells us that the rumored Batman themed B&M Flyer is currently on track for 2005 now, a date they are now happy with since it can coincide with the release of the next Batman film." Finally, artist James Jean told The Daily Record, "Right now, I'm doing some sketches for the new Batman movie," but refused to say what he'd been sketching.


Tampa residents can't get enough bullet-ridden goodness. According to Tampa Bay Online, "The producers of 'The Punisher' are interested in doing another film here, and there may be a 'Punisher' sequel ... the movie brought in $20 million to the Tampa economy. The crew, which filmed here for 11 weeks, also accounted for 5,000 "room nights" at area hotels and filmed in 50 different locations."


That lucky guy Jim Lee visited the set of Catwoman to do live sketches of Halle Berry, and then told the team at Newsarama all about it. "I flew into Vancouver, stayed one night and went to the set for 10 hours the next day, drew sketch after sketch and flew back the next morning. It was an incredible experience being on the set and watching what I had read in the script come to life in front of my eyes. There were some incredible sets and backdrops constructed for this film (one tied into her origin and the other was the set of her final, climatic showdown with the main villain) and they were impressive to behold in person and up close ... It was an incredible challenge trying to capture as much as possible very quickly. Drawing from life is like walking a tightrope: there's a lot more spontaneity in the line and a lot of room for failure, but it's exhilarating and it's hard to get the same results drawing from just photographs or from memory. By 10 pm (7am Italy time), I was finally succumbing to the effects of jetlag so the sketches became progressively sketchier and I called it a night. Halle gave me a big thank you and a hug and incredibly, went back again to the set for even more filming."


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