Batman Begins, Painkiller Jane, Fantastic Four, Wonder Woman: April 25th Comic Reel Wrap


Tons of Gotham-related news today -- first German site Batman News has new photos from the film, including Bale working out and the crew filming. Superhero Hype also has a spy report about the new trailer, showing ahead of the action sequel "XXX: State of the Union." Superhero Times has complete information on the soundtrack, with proposed artwork. Finally, the new international poster is visible over at Actuacine.net.


Sneak Peek has a, well, sneak peek at the upcoming Event Comics adaptation heading to the Sci Fi Channel with a photo of Emmanuelle Vaugier on a motorcycle as the title character.


The U-Daily Bulletin has a quick quote from director Tim Story about a spoiler involving the Brooklyn Bridge.


According to Dark Horizons, Joel Silver allegedly gave carte blanche to Joss Whedon in crafting the story. "I made Joss' deal, Joss Whedon is writing the script. He's finishing 'Serenity' when that movie is done, he's going to turn his attention toward the script. He's got fantastic ideas. When we made the first 'Matrix,' I came out of the first test screening, the numbers for Trinity were so much higher than anything else in the movie, people loved that character. I came out of there and said to the studio this is interesting, I said to the boys why don't we make a Trinity movie, they said no they had something else in mind. So I figured we should take something, this was in 99, take Wonder Woman and try something and they said fine. I never really felt I got it till now. I think this is a big constructionist picture, it's property of Warner Bros,' the character is the real deal, and if we do it right. Joss has a fantastic take on the story, and if it works the way I think it's going to work, it's going to be fantastic."


After pooh-poohing rumors of a resurgent Toad in "X-Men 3," actor and martial artist Ray Parks told Superhero Hype that the story of Danny Rand has switched studios, but he still plans to play the title role and that the film is still in development.


Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers, straight from the network (as well as some from Entertainment Weekly), on the 90-minute season finale "Commencement." Meanwhile rival site Devoted to Smallville has a deluge of screen captures from last week's episode "Spirit."


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