Batman Begins, Mutant X, Catwoman, Superman: The Comic Reel Wrap for October 7


Could this be a first look at the Scarecrow? Website Mukmouth has an image that's allegedly from the upcoming "Art of Batman Begins" book we reported yesterday.

Meanwhile, IESB has a brief video interview (Windows Media only) with Christian Bale where the actor talks about slimming down to 121 pounds after beefing up for the Christopher Nolan-helmed DC adaptation.

Finally, Batman-on-Film suggests that rumors "that the character of Harvey Dent will make a cameo role in 'Batman Begins'" may actually be true.


Comics Continuum reports that the complete first season of the syndicated series will be released on DVD on November 2nd. Retailing for $49.98, the six-disc release includes 22 and fairly standard features.


Speaking of DVDs, Halle Berry could be coming to your living room, as DVD Answers has details from Warner Home Video about the release, including street date (January 18th), and price ($27.95).


New information about the beleaguered Bryan Singer-helmed film from Superman-V.com: "The gifted proffesionals from Pixel Liberation Front  have been handed the task to 'previsualize' various sequences for the movie. We understand that this is taking place in Burbank, California."


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